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Jesy Nelson - Boyz (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. She literally looks darker than Leigh here...I can't.
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  2. This is completely unrelated (apparently there's something going on in the geeky art world since the poster's a comic book artist) but seems so apropos here.
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  3. It frightens me how she’s darker than me with my summer tan. I don’t care what “intent” she has or if she doesn’t “know” the implications of this—it’s sinister for her to appropriate the aesthetics of a race that 1.) she’ll never be and 2.) is oppressed by the race she actually descends from.
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  4. frankly the term 'black fishing' is doing her a favour than the other term its closer to at this point
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  5. One thing I'll say about this whole mess of debut is that I do genuinely think Jesy isn't lying in her interviews. She does seem happy and is very proud of what she's done, which in parts just adds to the issue as it'll only make it harder for her to see it.
  6. It’s funny you mention that, because I was literally gonna say something about blackface in my OG post.
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  7. Is there a reason people aren’t calling her a minstrel act? Is it because she says she “knows” she’s a white woman?
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  8. Like in all seriousness 'black fishing' implies some level of ambiguity, more an extreme of the way black culture slowly trickles down to the mainstream of white straight girls; I can at least see in theory how it passes through certain radars unscathed. This entire package reads less misguided homage/misguided inspiration than outright parody. The fonts, the fashion, the videos 'humour', the lyrics. Exactly how much can one claim to 'love' something when your alleged respect for it just decides to manifest as an outright clownish depiction of a culture you claim to love and be influenced by.
  9. Now I know she’s not trying to say we just ignore the Kardashians when their own blackfishing has been one of the major - well THE major - criticisms of them since the very beginning!

    Nicki really stays logging on and spouting any old nonsense!
  10. 8BE7C827-2E78-47B0-B430-6F2A9F9DFB6E.jpeg

    it’s gonna be messy alright.
  11. Trust me nicki, no one is jealous, in the slightest.
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  12. I mean, just label her a racist in the media and I’m sure that’ll really do the trick.

    She wants to duck and dodge the topic in interviews, call it what it really is and watch the floodgates really open on her ass.
  13. Stuff like this won't stick to Nicki but it's been part of her persona for years. But if Jesy goes live and starts talking about how all the criticism is just jealousy.... whew. What a start to a solo career.
  14. I like bad bad boyz
    I like black face for life
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  15. RJF


    It's been increasingly weird and sad to watch Nicki go from a genuine firecracker to this weirdly malicious edgelord who seems to now actively revel in the chaos no matter the cause as long as she has the validation from the men in her life. She has her paedophile, she has Wayne, and Drake SAID SO, so nothing else matters. I'm not sure she's ever genuinely cared for a cause that wasn't herself. I am sure however that she didn't give a fuck about this song until she smelled a mess she could build higher this week and probably pop off more about her own battles than Jesy's, who is going to get eaten alive.
  16. Career? Call it a few solo singles before she gets dropped. She won't have a career.
  17. I mean this is a woman who revelled in NOT doing anything for Pulse victims.
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  18. "Jelly bitches"

    Nicki Minaj is 38 years old.
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  19. Nicki has always been vile though?
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  20. RJF


    I wonder at what point in the live Nicki will find out that Jynx Nelson isn't black.
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