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Jesy Nelson - Boyz (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Everything Nicki does now—grounded as it is in making a mockery of any sense of morality—is imbued with this deeply unsettling, rotten, genuinely demonic energy. Not to excuse Jesy’s actions at all, but it feels like she has no idea what she’s playing with here.
  2. Nicki setting the barbs on someone who seems as kind and sensitive as Leigh Anne makes my stomach turn.
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  3. It’s abominable. Truly and utterly heinous. Is Nicki still on her “fuck them skinny b*tches” bullshit because like, what has Leigh done to you to go this hard at her? What she did do didn’t even deserve that nuclear response.
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  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  5. Niki is just a reactive mess, and comes across as someone that will say and do anything if the $$$$$ price is right (even if it means making a fool of herself). I am sure she gives 0 f#$* about Jesy, and also in time will say 'Jesy who'?
  6. It's a kii at the beginning when Nicki is like "so you were on a show right" and asking other things about her, like she knows nothing about Jesy and you can just tell Jesy thinks they are bffs.

    Nicki reminds me of that girl you meet in a bar drunk, who gushes over you and says you're amazing and that you need to hang out, but you never see again. After this single Nicki won't give two shits about her.
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  7. I'm still stuck on Jesy apologising to 'anyone I have offended who is a POC' before swiftly moving on to how it 'actually hurts' her, as that 'wasn't her intention'.

    First of all, if you have the nerve to appropriate Black culture, then address the Black people whose culture you are appropriating for fun and the Black people you are taking spaces from. Not a blanket apology to any offended 'POC'.

    Also, it's a typical *white apology* to frame yourself as the one who is 'really hurt' by the reaction to your actions. Instead of looking for excuses or allowing your collaborator to publicly berate and troll your 'sister' in front of millions, maybe just stop doing the thing that you know has offended people?

    Jesus, the progress this girl could make by just reflecting on her actions and simply not doing it again.
    Yet she just chooses not to... and we all know why.
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  8. Was the bit where she's spent the last few years buddying up with and defending multiple sexual predators including helping her rapist husband harass one of his victims not already enough?
  9. I've caught up on the past few pages and yes, I'm in complete agreement with you all about tonight's events.

    I've also finally got to hear the song in full - what a fuss about literally nothing.
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  10. This is all so incredibly disappointing. Visibly seeing Jesy not defend Leigh Ann during Nicki’s rant was heartbreaking
  11. I don’t really follow Little Mix that much but I have liked some of their songs. I’ve been watching this whole situation and it’s all so terrible.
  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    A lot of pop fans don't actually cross over into Nicki's background - so yeah, many people that generally digest Little Mix's music wouldn't keep daily tabs on Nicki. So there's that.
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  13. Nicki and Jesy's live made The Shade Room, and the commenters are NOT here for Nicki. Terrible moves all around.
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  14. The thing here is though that Nicki will move on and forget within days after the song flops. Her fans will no longer care as they only follow her lead. That leaves Jesy in an almost certain position, this will leave the LM fans with such a bad taste and she won’t have any casual fans or curiosity plays for the next single. It really is a whole disaster at this point. There’s no redemption now.
  15. As a child of reality television, seeing Renee and Natalie licking Nicki's ass here is the golden turd on top of the shit milkshake.

    Being an avid pedophile apologist, supporting her rapist/murderer husband, relentlessly harassing his rape victim, spreading anti-vax Parler stupidity, and now freely directing her heinous fan base to attack another black woman that has done absolutely NOTHING to her for simply having feelings.

    Rotten cow.
  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Kii. But thankfully 3/4 of Little Mix have common sense. This in the end will only work in their favor for how dignified they've been and will likely remain.
  17. What's happened tonight has been ugly, insidious and extremely angering. Such a sad ending.

    Sending sweet, talented Leigh Anne all of my love. I hope she holds her head high, and that her friends and family give her enough warmth and support to remind her she is loved and that her heart has always been in the right place.

    Her, Jade and Perrie will persevere, and will come out of this stronger, better and with clear souls and consciences.
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  18. Like...Nicki is a 38 year old woman. She knows what her fans are like (I know all are bad but hers can be particularly gross). Why is she sending Little Mix and their fans after each other when none of them had publicly slandered the other since the break. It's gross and fucking weird.

    It's sad that Jesy did a documentary about bullying that Liegh Anne fully supported and Jesy will probably stay silent on possibly a bigger (or as big) hateful pile on than Jesy ever experienced at once.
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  19. tea


    What Jessica doesn't need is even a whiff of sympathy. It's been brought up already, but there comes a point when ignorance turns to disrespect. There is no rationalizing, excusing, or placing blame elsewhere that can justify her behaviour. That plays into the helpless white woman stereotype. There's been plenty of opportunities for Jessy to speak up during the live with Nicki, or after the live was done. She could literally stop posturing as a black woman at any time. She knows what she's doing.

    Jessy made a choice to be silent and let her "sister" get torn to shreds and that makes her just as at fault as Nicki is for sending hate Leigh-Anne's way. She made a choice to continue blackfishing despite concerns being brought up privately during her time in Little Mix. She needs to be held accountable. Accountability =/= bullying or harrassment. Actions have consequences.

    But I really hope this cools down soon. I can't imagine how upsetting this must be for Leigh-Anne, its all so fucked and now she's even getting spammed with hate. I hope she has a good support system that can reassure her she did nothing wrong and is that she is loved by so, so many people.
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