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Jesy Nelson - Boyz (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Ah, sorry! I see what you mean. I read it wrong!
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  2. I feel a little uncomfortable basing assumptions on the group's inner working or looking for retroactive "the signs were always there!!" via youtube compilations and ~shady moments~ stan videos.

    These girls were together all day long for the best part of a decade doing endless bits of exhausting video interviews, quizzes about their favourite colour with fucking idiotic radio hosts, touring, recording, doing photoshoots, etc etc. Like any job, people are going to have days where they're completely over it, and for Jesy with everything she's gone through in terms of her mental health journey that's certainly going to be more pronounced when it comes to combing through archive footage.

    For the vast majority of their career they were clearly really close and got on, because it wouldn't have lasted as long as it did otherwise and there's no way they would have survived all the touring and promo. The wheels came off towards the end obviously and Jesy's now doing.. this nonsense, but it doesn't mean the relationship was secretly sour for the bulk of their time together.
  3. People in this thread bringing up "Little Mix's legacy" as if anyone outside of pop forums gave it a single second of thought. Do not overestimate Jesy's impact - unless she keeps on fucking up the same way and getting the same amount of coverage, most people won't remember who she is in a month's time.
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  4. Nah, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that Little Mix’s image as the four best friends that anyone could have! is a little tarnished in light of the last year’s events. I say this as someone who believed the narrative for most of that time, by the way. Which is fine! They definitely were super close and got along exceptionally well for a pop band, otherwise they wouldn’t have lasted ten years. But yeah, I guess it wasn’t quite as happy families as it may have seemed, and was probably slightly more profesional / colleague-ish then we were led to believe.
  5. I mean, you could say that the friendship narrative has been tarnished a bit, but that's different from legacy.
  6. I guess so, but I think the friendship was so intertwined with the legacy for a while. Like, it’s undeniable that the friendship and the total lack of drama was a big part of their selling point for the general public.

    But it’s all good! The three of them are thriving and nothing can take away from the bops that they do have and the bond that does still exist. The legacy is still solid - just changed a bit.
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  7. This. Personally, I don't buy that there were longstanding issues, and no amount of over-analysing old clips and interviews will convince me otherwise. We always knew that Jesy disliked certain aspects of the job and by her own admission could be difficult to please.

    All I'm taking from recent events is that clearly the wheels came off earlier than we first thought and that a lot went on that we don't know about. However, that doesn't mean all four girls weren't incredibly close for the majority of their time together.
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  8. My workplace plays BBC radio in our lifts and I got stuck in there today while they played Boyz. Trauma.

  9. But the original post was referring to the performance of Jesy's single tarnishing Little Mix's reputation, not any of the above.
  10. This post fits so well with your avatar ddd
  11. I'm so sorry, remember that there's no shame in looking for help after a traumatic experience xoxo
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  13. For real who’s going to tell her the Official Big Top 40 chart isn’t it?
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  14. Friendship and female empowerment doesn't mean you can't ever have a disagreement with another woman. Falling out with Jesy doesn't negate what they've stood for.
  15. boyz compensation.png
  16. This broke me.
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    I mean… the video that “BALEGDEH” is from in the first place was a particularly egregious example of that kind of nonsense (although there wasn’t even an interviewer in the room).

    Making them each imitate random accents and having the others guess?

    *Cardi B voice* WHAT WAS THE REASON?
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  18. You know what this shit show did? It reminded me of Bad Boy For Life and the follow up Diddy. Both were just amazing really. Son at least it did something good.
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  19. That was the sample in this and inspiration copy source of the video. Or am I reading something wrong.
  20. Does anyone still believe the story Jesy’s been telling in interviews that the three other girls went to her mom’s house and decided it was best for her to leave the group? They probably kicked her out of the group nn
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