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Jesy Nelson - Boyz (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Do we know when she's on Graham Norton?
  2. Part of the weird energy inherent to the way people interact with girl groups is that, in the way there'll be people more bothered by cutting Jesy out of fanart than her blackfishing, there'll also be a performative strain of those who have suddenly decided, now removed from Little Mix as a unit, her long-term harmful actions are the worst thing ever and completely change her time in the group.

    It's one thing for black fans to not want to see her or deal with her, but then seeing like... Emily from Essex defile her Jesy Nelson cardboard cutout where she looked just as dark as she does in Boyz, or Bobby from Cambridge cut her out of his Little Mix blanket for TikTok likes is so... dddd??? She's already got your money and all you're doing is leaving yourself with cold feet for English winters?

    To reiterate, none of these actions either are at all more concerning than her blackfishing, but it shares the same performative emotional response that leads to a small group of people, more personally invested with defending Little Mix's image than holding Jesy accountable, unnecessarily retconning the entire history of Little Mix and going from saying how they were "SISTERS!!!!!" to then making odd statements like "it's obvious a lot of us and the girls never really vibed with that cow from the start!!! OT3!!!!".
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  3. The song is starting to fall quite significantly on all metrics now.

    23 on iTunes (down 9)
    48 on Spotify (down 1)
    25 on Apple Music (down 5), it was holding quite well here til recently.

    Graham Norton will probably be their last opportunity to help stabilise/revive the song (EMA performances don't have too much of an effect). In November you have the Abba, Ed and Adele onslaught and Christmas songs will begin taking over. I'm sure they're regretting not launching back in August where it would've had some breathing space.
  4. Hyperbole at its worst but go off. If anything, I’d say mostly everyone has been very sensitive about the subject at hand. Clashing opinions, yes there were - but nobody referred to Jesy that way.
  5. Also, whilst she was absolutely guilty of blackfishing in the latter part of her time with Little Mix and probably should have been held to account more, her appearance throughout this campaign has taken it to a completely different level.
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  6. There’s major scrambling behind the scenes to work out how best to handle the controversy and whether to address it on Graham Norton. So it’s going to be interesting to see what they decide on doing.
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  7. My criticism wasn't one of tone - I don't mention tone anywhere in my post. It's pretty clearly about the paranoid and revisionist intention that has emerged in a way that's only ever really occurring amongst girl groups.

    This was literally on the last page:

    Not them hating each other since *checks calendar* ... Wings?!

    And while this:
    is completely true, no one has argued otherwise, and her mega-morphing into a new level of racial cosplay doesn't exactly change the reality of the weird energy present that brings up the observation over the odd retconning of the group's past.

    This energy is only noticeable because it was their fans who heavily promoted them as being the truest of friends who'd be each others' bridesmaids and forever in each others' lives, to now, what is oddly a (small, to be fair) group of the exact same fans, claiming that they could always sus out that something wasn't right in the group since the start. Like.. did you really? Is that why you bought the lunch box and thermos with her on it?

    To reiterate, none of these issues (from fanart to stans' revisionism to even slash fan fiction if you'd like) are anywhere close to the actual, material harm caused by Jesy's actions. They really aren't to be discussed in the same realm at all. The former just become noticeable because this is a forum and sees the same 4-5 users who may exclusively only post about Little Mix omit a weird.. vibe after weeks of the same discussion.
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  8. I was actually surprised how well it held up in week 2 despite people making out #18 was a dramatic fall but I'm really hoping this is a 4 weeks top 40 and forgotten affair after this week's falls.
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  9. Well she didn't really leave the band in a respectable way. The way I've seen the entire thing is her being like "Wow ths music I made with Little Mix was never the sound I was going for and it's so amateur", only for her to release... Boyz.

    When she first left the group it seemed like she was doing it for her mental health reasons and most people were supportive, but her behaviour since this has really been a true testament to the type of person she is.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. She did a day of radio and an instagram live with Nicki... I'm surprised the song has stuck around for as long as it has.
  12. Probably an 'ignorance is bliss' mentality for the rest of this single campaign.
  13. But see this is the problem. Who dictates what a "respectable way" to exit a group even is? Even if the blackfishing/mixed-fishing wasn't an issue, people would still be weird about her leaving. The very valid criticisms one could raise when it comes to her are now being used to discredit her as person, her contribution to the band, anything she has ever said or done. It opened the flood gates so to speak.

    I think @Sanctuary made some great points on this page as well.
  14. JOSY?! I suppose it is just one letter off...
  15. Obviously is a stretch anyone can put on a act of getting along sometimes things can be maintained strictly for business till it doesn't work anymore, little mix is not excluded from that and also I never cared for Jesy so no don't try that angle
  16. It's kind of a blessing that Boyz is not good because I shudder to think of how some people would be downplaying the blackfishing if it was a bop.
  17. Eh, I think Jesy would still get called out and dragged by her fake 3C hair even if the song were good. As I've mentioned before, Iggy Azalea got a lot of shit for far less, and she actually had some bops and great videos.
  18. At this point she's truly in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation - not acknowledging all the chaos on Graham Norton and she'll get even more flack, do acknowledge it... and I doubt her and her team have the nuance to actually survive talking about it in a fairly unedited setting. And she has literally no one to blame but herself.
  19. Genuinely shocked that a DOA song like this is actually getting a push in the US.

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  20. Thank you but also to clarify I'm also not demanding that people give Jesy some dues that they dont think she deserves. I'm not advocating like that black women give Jesy her flowers as a singer. I think Jesy's actions can easily sour someone on her work solo and with Little Mix. My qualm is largely just with the awkward portion of the discussion where it shifts from black women expressing their issues with how she's harmed them to like girl group stans unpacking and unloading all their resentments to her for not fulfilling the fantasies they expect from girl groups and thus trying to retcon that they always hated her or didn't vibe with her even when, you know, they bought the lunch box dddd. And not because I'm personally invested in Jesy Nelson - I just think that behavior is disingenuous and weird.
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