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Jesy Nelson - Boyz (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. The amount of people liking this post is a bit disappointing, as it is a manipulative pivot away from the concerning nature of the original comment. I thought several of you gals wouldn't be enabling this @Verandi @Cognitive Dissonance @Mikey1701.

    Either way, this thread is absolutely awful. Just like her career attempt.
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  2. Some of the users aren't that surprising, unfortunately.
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  3. Hiya, to be fair, I just like having a read of threads without arguments going back and forth. I just accepted he clarified his position and I didn't see the necessity of someone bringing it up again, after the issue having been labored already. I never liked the original post and don't endorse it and I apologize if I caused you offence.
  4. Lucky for us that most of the people policing around in here never mess up. I did and am willing to take the blame for that. I apologized and will do better next time.
  5. I get that you're trying to take ownership, but comments like the one above and "It's a joke, sorry I didn't make that clear"... detract and shift blame to others and ruins any genuine apology you might be attempting to make.... no one is laughing... and "the joke" doesn't "work" unless it's based in ignorant context. The "joke" itself is offensive. You need to apologize for making the joke, not for your failure to "make it clear" you were joking.
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  6. I get that 100%. The joke was shit! I definitely know that and am apologizing for making it.
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  7. Feels a bit awkward to explain a like but pretty much what @Cognitive Dissonance said. The joke was trash and I don't condone the content, I just generally prefer when a user tries to clarify a post instead of just delete it and disappear. There was no ill intent on my part.
  8. I’ll admit I didn’t read the entire back and forth and clearly missed quite a bit. I’ll do better next time. Thank you for calling it out and highlighting something important.
  9. This thread is the bad place
  10. Fun fact: when you say something racist, no one has to accept your apology and no one needs to be perfect to call it out. White tears aren’t cute xoxo a white cis gay man whose sick of this and thinks the thread and Jesy’s blackfishing shouldn’t be given the time of day on this forum
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  11. Honestly close the thread till January it’s not like anything is happening at this point
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  12. Interesting to see some have liked that post after Johnny called it out.
  13. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Not surprised at who has tbh.
  14. Jesy posted more pics in the studio on Instagram so someone is still picking up the cost of recording new material. So do we assume the record label must still think there's a market for a Nelson album? Or do we think she's using her payoff from the band to fund things?
  15. I imagine she's got some sort of 'we'll release some singles and see how it goes' deal so the label are still probably paying for sessions – a song can make a serious amount of bank if it smashes, and as we saw with Boyz there's enough built-in curiousity with her level of fame to jumpstart a single fairly well. She's not a totally risky investment, however embarrassing she might be.

    I can't see her ever getting to a big ticket album release, but there's major label gals with half Jesy's profile able to keep their careers and endorsements ticking over by drip feeding singles/collabs.
  16. Isn't she recording with her mates? Doubt it's that costly.
  17. She’s only released one single and it really didn’t do as bad as people are making it out to be so unsure why the label would not want to keep releasing music for the time being.
  18. That one single had serious budget thrown at it (expensive video, Nicki feature) and it’s still dropped further down the chart every single week. The song probably hasn’t even broken even for the label so I’d say she has two singles left in her before her inevitable transition to reality tv fodder.

    Chart runz like 4-18-23-28-38-45-68 won’t really motivate the label to keep funding these recording sessions for very long.
  19. As you said she didn't do bad but it wasn't a big hit either and as munro has pointed out the chart run doesn't look like a money spinner. Hence my question.
    There's been a lot of drama and interest around her but I can't gauge where things stand now. Also, others have pointed out she may be paying for extra stuff like having Nicki on the track. So thinking she might be having to fork out for new material to be recorded is a reasonable assumption especially as she's been in the studio for the best part of a year already.
    I take it from your response you think she's done enough to warrant for the label to keep funding more music... that's what I was curious about.
  20. I am so annoyed she has dicked up to such a degree. I was on her side for a decade.
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