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Jesy Nelson - Boyz (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. I'm not ashamed to say I'm excited for this. But considering how messy things have become without any actual music being released, I'm definitely tempering my expectations.
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  2. As people no longer really receive CD's and such for Xmas? Is this still a thing? Granted vinyl seems to have made somewhat of a resurgence but often this is out sometime after the album pops up for streaming anyway. And when it does come out at the same time... by the evidence of the PJ threads. People certainly aren't waiting for the whims of a family member to get those records. All 20 versions are brought now and damn the rent.

    So is the jam everything into Q4 not a hangover of the old physical music industry? Streaming has broken down the old rules? I can see how legacy acts like ABBA *cough* Steps etc. with older fans that want to continue with physical copies of things to complete collections but does it benefit new acts? Which Jesy will be?

    I don't know, just thought it was an interesting topic. Fingers crossed when the single does come out it's worth the wait as I do miss Jesy's voice.
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I think it's not just 'nobody buys gifts in Q1' as well as 'everyone has spent all they have in Q4'. I can't see someone not checking an album they're interested because of that, but postponing its purchase? Possibly.
  4. That makes sense. Let's hope enough people will still have unused gift cards to redeem against Jesy's offering by the time it comes out. Give her a bit more of a fighting chance in the charts.

    Is she still in L.A? Wonder if they will get her to do something else when she's there.
  5. So yes, I'm one of those Internet forum trolls who hears things from people in "the know" *cough, but I really did get told that Viacom had Jessy penciled in for a performance slot at the VMA's with the expectation that Minaj would also be performing along side her. When Viacom wouldn't/couldn't add Normani to the billing Minaj pulled out knowing it would open the slot up for Normani.

    Seems like they were expecting that to be the platform to push this project from and now they're running back, to the drawing board.
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  6. Yes, because if Nicki is known for one thing it's definitely how supportive she is of other women, especially ones whose current single features Cardi.
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  7. It would’ve been more believable if it said “but Nicki was asked to vaccinate and refused” rather than Nicki canceled for Normani.
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  8. Should of expected nothing more than this mess from Polydor. Raye did warn the world!

    Whi thought it’d be great to launch a new era for an artist then have complete radio since for a whole month!
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  9. RMK


    Also, that would technically be taking down another woman by taking away Jesy's potential debut (dd). Nicki wasn't vaccinated, she couldn't attend, derailing the Vanguard and her own appearance in Jesy's performance. This was reworked, and Lorde dropping opened a slot for Normani.
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  10. Perfect response.
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  11. .... I only wish I could say that people will find the song worth its wait when it finally drops.
  12. Well, I’m still excited to see what she offers.

    I thought this was an NFT at first.
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  13. Is that a real magazine?
  14. The post production on that image...

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  15. Is that a real question ddd
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  16. I mean, it's not like it's supposed to look un-retouched. She does have yellow eyes.
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  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    That's one bad haircut away from being an Ava Max video still
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  18. God that looks badz
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  19. "the importance of authenticity as an artist"
    "her highly anticipated solo debut 'BOYZ'"

    I ... well ... okay.
  20. It looks like a really bad piece of fan artwork.
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