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Jesy Nelson - Boyz (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. It's giving.. it's giving coverlandia.
  2. I think when you're debuting as a solo artist there has to be some sort of "here I am" moment which is being squandered if the potential was ever there. So much teasing, so many clashing aesthetics and ethnicities... I'm confused.

  3. It’s giving me magazine cover the losing team would come out with on The Apprentice.
  4. Had I not known any better, I’d have thought this was Lil Kim circa Naked Truth.
  5. She’s gearing up for her The Fame Monzter
  6. I'm...obsessed with her career choices lately.
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  7. Now that’s just rude to Little Mix fans, many of whom are actually pretty good at producing decent artwork… unlike this.
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  8. It screams “We need to come up with something that’s just about insane enough to distract people away from Nicki’s twitter”

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  9. The Duke nukem/doom influence is really something for a Monday
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  10. Did she borrow Raven from RuPaul to do her make up?
  11. I used to have an account on DeviantArt.
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  12. “Ballsy”

  13. What kind of Hot Wheelz mess...

    Also, I'm kind of sick of her throwing her previous collaborators *cough* MNEK *cough* under the bus.
  14. Surprised they haven't called it Ball-Z to be honest.
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  15. I know the whole "I want to be authentic and never just be given a hit, I want to be a true artist" is standard pop-star-going-solo vocabulary, but from an ex-member of Little Mix, with everything they've spoken about and represented over the past 10 years... it kinda feels like an extra slap in the face towards the girls.
  16. I've had another thought. Is this supposed to be inspired by Donatella Versace?
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  17. I am just in shock that this is an image someone approved to go out into the world. Usually these made up magazine are at least good for the lovely images.
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  18. It's giving ousted queen posting her Blood On The Dancefloor episode look.
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