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Jesy Nelson - Boyz (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. "What date of birth did I say out loud?"
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  2. I rewatched recently and the fact that she keeps mentioning “I thought I said 1987” as if being 4 years off from her supposed DOB wasn’t so much worse is so hilarious to me.
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  3. Ava Max is a pioneer.
  4. I agree.

  5. Imagine only following two people on IG and one of them is Nicki Minaj.

  6. this is a heartbreak anthem dd
  7. You forgot the name fiasco in the earlier pages, the Jesy/Jessie debate or whateverthehellthatmess was. This thread is WILD.
  8. I think its time for the music to speak for itself now.
    She's made her official statement on leaving the group and done interviews now let's hear this "music you've always wanted to make".
    I think the art of mystery and anticipation is sadly lost in the pop world today with "instant grat" tracks and social media.
    Where's the music Jez ?
  9. The real kii will be when everyone goes “But the music you’ve always wanted to make sounds exactly like the music you were making this whole time with the other girls?!

    She should just word it better re: her musical directions going forward.
  10. Now whatever I said about Gaga’s age, at least I didn’t ask why she was being marketed as….her name.
  11. A lot of what she’s said and spoken about has resonated with me and I just really hope she finds happiness. She deserves it.

    Yeah, she places the emphasis on the wrong spot. Instead of focusing on the music as if it’s something completely different (it’s probably gonna be close to LM5 material honestly) it would make more sense for her to focus on her now being able to call the shots on what she is a part of; the fact she now has (most of the) control of what she sings.
  12. RMK


    There is definitely a better way to handle a delayed single than going silent on all socials. Just post more promo images, make it seem intentional.
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  13. I know it’s out of respect, but it’s so sad hearing her exclude herself from these achievements. They’re all things she was there for, you know. Little Mix was nominated for their work as a foursome, and “Sweet Melody” was released with all four members present on it. Celebrate your win too, Jesy!
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    She doesn’t want to celebrate it.
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  15. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Listing to those interviews exposes her deeply (and fairly) troubled relationship with fame, not... her need for her own creative freedom.
  16. Announcement at 6pm I heard..
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  17. Yeah I see that too, but watching it back, I think she's more referring to the moments the awards happened (ie when it went #1 and the Brit award), she technically wasn't in the band anymore when those happened, so it wouldve been strange in her mind to be like "yay I got this!" when she was trying to distance herself at that point. There may have been technicalities behind the scenes too of like "if you leave this band, you really need to be gone" implications (totally theorizing on that though)
  18. I said bad things about her decision & departure from the group in the past but man I felt so sad for her to hear her refer to Little Mix as the best girlband in the world as if she had not been there the whole time up till that point of the awards. Jesy’s biggest enemy is herself and I just wish that she will come around one day and have that boss bitch attitude because she’s more than earned it.
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