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Jesy Nelson - Boyz (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. One of her TikTok videos came on my fyp and when I read the comments…literally 90% reference the black fishing. “My black queen” “black baddie” oh dear.
  2. Just saw this tweet to the main PJ account after they tweeted about Adele

    The Baddiez are coming for Peter.
  3. She's been added to the Radio 1 and Capital playlists.
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  4. oh hello Popjustice you big twisted baddie
  5. Only joined this month, are we sure it's not promo.
  6. But the songs not out.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. The Rachel Dozalaaalpnalel gif sent me, perfect response.
  9. It’s common for songs to be added to playlists prior to release considering the playlist regards what will be in rotation from Friday on.
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  10. Rob


    Which "fire" are they referring to, the "dumpster fire" that is this release?
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  11. She could’ve at least leave us their Insta handlez. If she’s not gonna give us the songz.
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  12. This thread is such a hoot.
  13. I need the IG handles of every single man in the third picture.
  14. Oh really I thought it was. My bad.
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  15. Dead @ LAY-Z-SPA.

  16. Bio: "Jesy Nelson fan AKA friend. Passionate about music and standing up to bullies. :)"

    I really hope it's a joke account.
  17. It's obviously a troll account.
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  18. Why is the username sending me?
  19. I think it's fair to point that Ariana Grande should get more flak for her blackfishing and I do think the reasons she doesn't are a bit troubling (she did get flak, don't get me wrong, and there are some differences in the situations, but there's no doubt that people's and PJ's greater regard for her voice, songs, and looks gives her more leeway), but I'm completely fucking over people trying to sympathize with Jesy about this. I'm tired of some people on this board's refusal to just point out when something is fucking racist or immoral or what have you. Blackfishing is grotesque and doesn't deserve defending, least of all not with a "it's just 90s nostalgia" defense. Miss me with that nonsense.
  20. It's one of your gaybees in this thread. Confirmed!
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