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Jesy Nelson - Boyz (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. I think another reason it's weird for people to bring up Ariana to defend Jesy is that while, yes, she is/was very much guilty of blackfishing and no, there probably weren't enough repercussions, she listened. She didn't double-down on it. Her skin looks like porcelain these days nn. She has, at the very least, a modicum of self-awareness about it that Jesy simply doesn't.
  2. This looks awful too.
  3. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    It's far more beneficial to report a post than it is to make call-out posts like this. If you see rule breaking content, report it. Thank you!
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  4. My god, I swear the same one person is Doberman defending her on here through five different profiles instead of just acknowledging she's doing something wrong and wanting to hold her accountable!
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  5. I think there's a difference between disparaging someone's appearance and pointing out hypocrisy.
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  6. I feel like she's retreading the same talking points in all of her profiles and she's not doing a good job of persuading why people should be into her new music. "It's ballsy, it’s honest and it’s me all over," doesn't mean anything. Furthermore, I'm a bit disappointed with some of the revisionism going on about how she didn't have much say in the music she did with Little Mix.

    While it's true they are a pop group, they did branch out from their soundscape during LM5, which didn't stray too far from the sound Jesy's going for right now. She, like the rest of the girls, had the freedom to sit in and write songs too, but chose not to because she wasn't interested in working with their frequent collaborators anymore. I'm pretty sure she wasn't the only one who had to compromise her musical tastes for the band considering that the other three also grew up with different musical preferences so for her to keep saying, "It wasn't the music I wanted to make," feels a bit disrespectful.
  7. Pointing out hypocrisy makes sense but I think the main issue is that it boils down to speculation about cosmetic procedures.
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  8. I wouldn't hold your breath, no-one's buying Glamour to read about that.

    I'm not sure it's particularly wise of her to bang the drum too loudly about not liking the music she made in Little Mix; she is, after all, relying on many of the same people who bought that buying this too. Saying "alright suckers, thanks for the money, here's some stuff I actually care about" isn't the best way to kick things off.
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  9. Her toes going over the shoe (most noticeable in the third pic) is really bugging me… Why didn’t they get her shoes that fit?
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  10. I listened to her episode of Fearne Cotton's podcast and she actually comes across much better in person than she does in print. Unsurprisingly they didn't cover the blackfishing issue but listening to her talk about mental health was interesting and heartbreaking. The fact that she was forced to film a Little Mix video a week after attempting suicide...whew.

    She's a very likeable character and I still think the music could be good. I just wish she'd address certain problematic behaviours and stop giving the press sound bites that risk alienating her fanbase and the GP.
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  11. upload_2021-10-6_18-14-27.gif
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  12. I'm interested in seeing this music video and hearing this song because this entire promotional campaign so far seems centered around reinvention. The whole point of her going solo, according to her, is that she didn't like the music Little Mix made and didn't like the image forced upon her, but her image seems to be very similar and Little Mix had already given us a pop track featuring Nicki Minaj so I'm unsure if this will even be a reinvention?
  13. I had to do a double take — she looked like Jade at first glance.
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  14. Yeah, the lack of doubling down is what makes the situations different. And it's a big difference. But I do why Jesy fans would feel salty about how there weren't enough repercussions even if I overall think the "she did it too" defense is not it. We, as society, do need to stop giving artists more leeway because they are "faves" but as I said, that's not a defense for Jesy.
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  15. RMK


    She seems to think, based off interviews this year, that the comments about blackfishing are just another iteration of trolling. Someone around her needs to put her in check, because it's only gotten worse since.
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  16. I think y'all take too much offense with the whole "I'm making the music I want" thing. I'm sure she doesn't mean everything they released is trash but isn't it obvious that they were frustrated by having to stick with pop when their more R&B-leaning sound didn't bring the returns expected?
    And she was extremely transparent in interviews about songs she didn't like while the same people that judge her for saying this today used to go "yaaaas queen drag black magic!!". Ariana drags her own music constantly. Miley every new era says she hates her past album. And they are solo artists with way more say in what they release.
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  17. There's a 7 second snippet floating around... it sounds like a Little Mix song.
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  18. Why do I kinda wanna buy the signed CD single as a sort of historical heirloom of foolery
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  19. Gather round my sweet grandchildren, today I want to tell you about the UK Baddie…
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