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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  2. Take it back to the Sugababes thread. The only person to blame here is Jesy herself.
  3. While I doubt that's what happened, it would be pretty hilarious if the jacket debacle was actually Jesy's disgruntled stylist intentionally setting her up, with Jesy being none the wiser.
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  4. The stylist excuse just seems to be plain old weaponized yt woman ignorance. “Oh, poor me! I am humiliated! I didn’t know at all! It was my evil stylist setting me up!”
  5. It all depends on who you upset. Madonna knew to focus on the older conservatives who wouldn't buy her records in the first place while Jesy seems to be focusing on making her core demographic mad (i.e. the young music-buying public). It shows that not everyone understands how to weaponize controversy the way Madonna did.

    There is no such thing as bad publicity, but there sure is useless publicity.
  6. Sam


    Courting controversy? She doesn't have the range nn. I don't think she's even at all smart enough to orchestrate anything of the sort.

    She thinks she's on stage serving bad bad bish, but no one's told her that no one sees it for her.
  7. Yes, the record label actively want to lose millions on a problematic person like Jesy. Get out.
  8. Her wig reminds me of Charity Greenleaf's wigs on that show. whew. the cultural references jumped out.
  9. Tea. I am by no means giving her a pass but some of you underestimate just how dumb she is, I genuinely think she just doesn’t get it and she never will. As seen by repeated attempts to educate her by her former band members. She’s firmly in the “it’s a spray tan/hairstyle/outfit lol” crowd.
  10. She’s the kind of girl who you could fully explain top to bottom a complex issue and her take would remain ‘I don’t see colour’
  11. I’ve just caught up on the latest round of mess. Foul. At this point she’s just got to be doing it for the clicks / attention surely?
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  12. Even if her hair wasn't covering part of the brand name, a jacket with "Market Black" written on it was still a terrible idea given the circumstances.
  13. Making excuses for her because of her perceived intelligence is not it.
    You don't have to be intelligent to just stop doing something that's clearly upsetting people.
  14. Some controversy would rather/ further down the line prove to be much needed to drum up some interests for an artist if, and only if, said controversy isn't coming from a place of racism or any kind of discrimination, and the artist at least has something exciting about them.

    As far as things go, what is even the point of Jesy Nelson? She's not bringing anything new to the table. Nobody asked for a Ciara replica that has tongue problems, lacks of breath control, and can't even compare in the dance department. UK Baddie? Gurl you are a Snooki wannabe and a bad one at that.
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  16. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I don't disagree with this, but I also think things were much worse behind closed doors than they're letting on and Jesy simply had to go after whatever happened on the Sweet Melody shoot. And while it was her decision to leave, she mentioned in one of her interviews that the girls wanted her out too, so it seemed to be a mutual agreement that her time was up.

    It's shitty timing for sure though, with Between Us coming right after and the girls now taking a break. But I'm glad it happened if only for the fact that things could've ended really badly (between the other three at least) if tensions continued to rise while she was there, especially with a tour coming up where they're basically stuck together daily for two months.
  17. It just blows my mind that she's faced literal backlash for blackfishing and she still chose to wear that jacket.

    Like... wouldn't it be common sense to think "okay maybe that's not a good idea"??

    If her brains were dynamite she wouldn't be able to blow her nose. Or as my dad would put it, "she's as thick as a whale omelette".
  18. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Ciara Princess Wilson doesn’t deserve this level of slander!!!
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  19. NOOOOO
  20. Also, a year is a really, really long time when you're unhappy in your job and want to just get out. Their schedule is supposedly booked 2 years in advance. If she was really miserable and not getting along with the others, being part of the mammoth Between Us campaign and spending most of 2021 talking about "Little Mix is forever, we love each other" would probably be the last thing she'd have felt like doing.
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