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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. It's not that deep.
  2. I don't understand what people are finding so confusing.

    She found being compared to 3 other girls affected her self-esteem so removed herself. She now gets to do things on her terms. Film music videos she wants to do with dancers and extras that she wants. Promote the music to the extent that she wants to.

    It's really not that hard to grasp.
  3. She will have her reasons for not interacting with Leigh's post. The vibe in this thread is really weird.
  4. Some of y'all like...need to go outside and get some fresh air or something.
  5. Of course that's powerful on a personal level.
    Also why do you think people decide to have a baby? To get congratulated and celebrated or because they want to become... parents? If it's the later, I really don't see how Jesy reposting something on Instagram is taking anything away from Leigh!?
  6. Plus I thought it was very odd that she was really OTT in splashing Leigh’s ex bestie Grace over her Instagram on the weekend or just before and leaving gushing ‘I love you so much, your the best friend in the world, so happy you’re in my life’ type messages on Grace’s Instagram.
    I get that Leigh and Grace must have fallen out at some point and Jesy and Grace had become close through Leigh but the public gushing felt like they were trying to have a dig. Just a hunch.
  7. I'm not a fan of the narrative some people are trying to create, of Jesy being this... "mean girl" who is constantly making digs at and plotting to overshadow the girls. Y'all doing too much over literally nothing.
  8. I hope so but for some people it is a genuine feeling. I felt right from her leaving statement there was some coldness towards the girls. I shrugged it off but other things are raising my eyebrows. Who really knows either way.
  9. She obviously made the right decision. It just feels a bit bittersweet how she talks about being in the band and also the other girls. From what we saw and what the girls kept on saying in the past (especially Jesy) they always made sure to support each other. I get that it must’ve been hard for her to be constantly compared to the others, but her answers give me the vibe that she also puts blame on them for that. That might be unconscious and also understandable because you do get fed up with the people being constantly compared to (think family dynamics), but it’s not really fair. It’s obvious that there is a rift between them right now and I think the four of them maybe not really know themselves where exactly they stand with each other at the moment. Time needs to pass.
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  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Things might seem or even be cold but there's two sides to that. And it can even happen without there being any bad guys (or girls). People can all be great people but not get along, or in this case: not want the same thing. Cause for all we don't know I guess we do know they all had different priorities. Without one being better than the other. It's their lives.
  11. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I'm so excited for her. Of all she's faced in life, she really deserves how happy she seems now. Whew, do tha thang sis.
  12. Oh yeah i definitely appreciate that. I can imagine all sorts of complexities might have gone on behind the scenes and I’m not saying whose bad and whose good. I couldn’t possibly. I’m just saying what vibes I’m catching and that whatever the case the three seem to be doing a better job to me of at least trying to look civil and not sending out too obvious subliminals. The stuff with Jesy and Grace is maybe one of the things together with some other bits and bobs that made me think a certain way that she’s being less guarded about subs. I just thought it was odd. It’s natural to speculate. I’m not condemning anyone though. I don’t have the full deet to do that. Just observations.
  13. The "she will face scrutiny!" is the same weird vibe as when fans are like "they will NEVER break up because of x, y and z!!" it's like... relax, you are too old to be riding this hard for a girlband who has been going for a decade and are entering their thirties. Chill the fuck out.
  14. This whole ‘feud’ situation is giving me strong Olivia Rodrigo vs Sabrina Carpenter vibes. They’re probably all having a kiki on their group chat. It’s normal that both parties will milk the shit out of the situation to sell more records. It’s Marketing 101.
  15. This group chat has about as good of a chance of existing as one between Harry, Meghan, Will & Kate.
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  16. Go outside and touch some grass, I'm begging you.
  17. W2K


    The bottom line is that Jesy did what she needed to do and she owes us nothing. She can comment or not comment on whatever she chooses. Some of the ignorance in this thread about mental health is astounding considering the woman in question did a whole damn documentary about it. It’s really disheartening for people in this forum who are going through stuff themselves, myself included.
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  18. And it's not like most of us here haven't been in a job that we aren't comfortable in, for one reason or another (could be the work itself, could be the people we work with, could be the Company and its policies etc. etc.) and removed ourselves and found another job. We often stay in the same industry as that's where all our work experience is/what we enjoy doing. Then found we are much happier for it.
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  19. In the history of people leaving groups, it’s never been plain sailing behind the scenes. People do get hurt and upset and probably fall out a little, say or do things due to heightened emotions, it is like loosing a family member despite it just being a job which we’ve all had, hated some and left!

    I think they all just need time to grieve, move on and respect each other again. So many pop acts that have had this happen years later get back in touch. I’m thinking of Steps, Take That, Spice Girls, S Club 7 etc.

    I just think, at the moment it’s probably raw with everything and we need to respect both sides and take it as it is!
  20. It’s a forum, people are allowed to make observations and discuss things without feeling like they’re being patronised.

    Girl groups, splits and rifts are like crack to gays so let’s just have a kii with it shall we. It’s not that deep.

    Anyway I’m made up for Leigh and Andre, you already know that’s gona be the most fashionable kid that ever lived. And Jesy’s voice is so rich and soulful I can’t wait to hear what style her solo endeavour is going in.
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