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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. I really enjoyed her interview and thought it gave us a bit more clarity on what happened, but I also would love to know how the other girls took it and how they reacted when she finally made the decision to leave. They had always been so supportive towards each other, but it’s hard when someone decides to leave, people can feel a little betrayed sometimes, but maybe in this case they also thought it was the best move? I would love to know more about their relationship and if they still keep in touch.
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  2. Jesy has been trending on Twitter all day today, as a result of this Buzzfeed article:

    I can’t say I’m surprised. We’ve had conversations on here, regarding this, a few times too.

    I truly support her and want nothing but the best for her, but it can’t be denied that this is valid. Some of the article loses the main point nearer the end but the initial conversation is important.

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  3. Some of the points are valid.

    Some of them are a reach.
  4. Yeah, the ones nearer the end of the article venture into silly gossip culture that has no merit.

    The first half is indeed a strong conversation though.
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  5. It's a conversation that needs to happen but like others have said the second half of the article just sounded like bitchy stan talk.
  6. I haven’t really followed Little Mix until the Confetti era so when it was pointed out that Jesy is in fact white, I was shocked. Had no clue.
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  7. The link is a Buzzfeed "community contribution" so it is a stan, not a real article ddd so a shame that they boggled down real issues with typical gay girl group fan nonsense about side-eyes during IG lives!
  8. There are some absolutely valid criticisms of Jesy that it would be good for her to address, but that article feels incredibly mean-spirited.
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  9. I think deciphering the difference between trolling about her appearance vs. valid criticism about her appearance would be near impossible for Jesy at this point. It's also really difficult seeing Twitter specifically discuss it all day knowing she'll just read it and spiral because in her head people talking about her looks online = going back to a dark place rather than thinking they might have a point.

    She needs to take tips from Ariana and white womanify her image.
  10. Yeah, I was with them for much of the article, but then when it tried to claim that Jesy was slut shaming Mel C (she was simply saying the Spice Girls were also provocative in their day) and that her struggles were worse than Leigh’s (when the interview clearly implied that Jesy was saying Leigh is stronger than her and is better at handling hate) well … the article lost me. Her history of blackfishing is certainly a valid discussion.
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  11. The blackfishing accusation is fair obviously but the rest of that article is complete BS and in the end undermines any legitimate criticism they made at the start. They’re clearly just throwing anything they can at her because she left Little Mix.
  12. The points about blackfishing are extremely valid, I don't think anyone could or would ever question that.

    Any intent of "good" from that ... "article"... feels incredibly disingenuous and just reeks of a bitter Little Mix stan who now sees Jesy as competition for the girls and will do anything to drag her down to make the other three seem even better.
  13. That article goes overboard from the cringy comments and the "Perrie sounded like a black woman" moment, but the first half has long been debated for years and every time it comes up Jesy does the exact same thing: blocks everyone mentioning it and just ignores it. I can't say I blame her given her past with the internet, but that's only going to work for so long.
  14. Looking at the recent photos I'm seeing of her posted in this thread and now reading about her blocking accounts that ask her about this particular issue it's pretty clear she doesn't give a single damn and will continue doing... whatever she's attempting to do and has been for so very long. Sad!
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  15. There’s more nuance to it than that. It’s clear a lot of this criticism comes from a ‘We perceive Jesy as being anti-LM so we’re going to attack her with anything we can’. Not to mention as stated above, as someone who suffered serious mental health problems over bullying for her looks, she’s probably unable to discern genuine critique from more criticism.

    And it’s clear a lot of those fans who do actually just want her to do better have pretty poor tact in how they go about it (for example, sharing this clear hate article today which is only going to confuse the situation and undermine the genuine critique).

    I wish she had someone around her to explain this to her. Do hope she gets the message sooner rather than later and we can face a wider cultural reckoning on blackfishing.
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  16. She's been at it for years now. I also find it hard to believe that at this point there's no one around her to give her a much needed reality check.
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  17. Exactly. And 10 years in, after she released a documentary about it, after her issues were really brought to light and many thought she was overcoming it, she quit a band she was in with three of her best mates because she couldn't emotionally handle it with her own personal body issues. No one is saying what she is doing shouldn't be addressed, what we are saying is that it's understandable how a woman who has been in the business for 10 years and has faced a litany of bullying and anxiety over her body issues might not be able to cognitively differentiate actual, nuanced critique of her harmful behavior vs messy stan bullying on twitter.
  18. As much as I agreed with some of the article I also don’t think the article is healthy to be sending to Jesy and making her confront it before she’s ready. I hope she has the right people around her who can help rationalise the intent behind the article and make her see how her actions are coming across. It’s more worrying/harmful that the article is well aware of Jesy’s mental health and yet proceeded to put the point across in a nasty, bullying way.
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  19. Calling it an article ie a piece of actual journalism is a bit of a stretch considering it was posted via Buzzfeed Community - which has all the journalistic integrity of someone writing somethjng on here and then posting the URL to Twitter.
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  20. Fully agree, and I know others have said similar.

    I hope she truly sees and knows she has so much love, support and adoration out there.

    I think it just needs to be a case that a conversation, with her team and people, is had on the more serious or genuinely offensive aspects of it all.
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