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Jesy Nelson - Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Hasn't she always hated doing promo? Not necessarily for mental health reasons but I thought she was pretty open about just not enjoying it.
  2. Let’s just call it how it looks - sis wanted to leave the band because she wanted a solo career. The comparison narrative got old very quickly... as quick as she was in the studio working on music. As quick as she was to make it seem like being in Little Mix was a prison sentence, when most of the decisions come from them. I get the trolling, panic attacks etc, it must’ve been horrendous, but ultimately, she will now be compared TO the group and every other female pop star in the industry.

    In interviews and stuff (especially the search), it’s written all over her face, she didn’t like 90% of their discography or any of the music they were churning out. The other girls are always so enthusiastic and positive while Jesy looked like she didn’t want to be there.

    Little Mix feel like a completely different group. Things have been happening left right and centre for them that don’t feel like any of them don’t want to do it. They’ve championed and soldiered through all of this post-split pregnant and with ease. They just look happier. Both parties do.

    So anyway, good luck to her, I’m sure I’ll enjoy her music output in the near future.
  3. Any thoughts on the rumours she’s being lined up to be an X factor judge?

    I think she would make a good judge due to her honesty and judgmental feedback as seen on The Search and that’s why they’d want her.

    I do think however that it will be such an unprincipled move only because of what they’ve said about Simon and the X factor record label not supporting them to do music or have the image that they wanted and not recognising them as strong women with valuable opinions on their own path. Also their clash with Simon over X Factor The groups as his beef with them made him take that up against and before The Search.
    Then them saying they preferred the Search format as they were more mentors than judges.
    After all that it might look somehow for her to do X Factor next to former enemy Simon Cowell who they stood against and also to support new acts to get into an X factor machine she rebelled and complained against.

    To me Jesy has shown she can go back on her word and not feel she has to answer for it. Since this would be a massive opportunity/platform to help launch her own solo career I think it might be too tempting and she’d be willing to sell her soul to the X factor machine.
  4. She confirmed a couple days ago that it wasn’t true.

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  5. Do they really look happier or are you just happier with how they look? There's a loaded question.
  6. I'm glad she's not doing X Factor. The show has had its day, and considering the amount of scrutiny the female judges were always put through I think it would have been a mistake for Jesy to do it. However I could definitely see her as a judge elsewhere - maybe on The Voice/The Voice Kids or even something like The Masked Dancer. She has a great personality and the talent to back it up.
  7. I feel like a TV judging slot would be pretty limiting to her personality.

    Just off the top of my head, I feel like being a panellist on Celebrity Juice would be much more suited to her.
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  8. Ooh yes I like that idea! What's great is that I'm pretty sure shows like that will be falling over themselves to get her on.
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  9. It might have been tough going mentally. When the judges make unpopular decisions I can imagine tgage an be stressful.
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  10. Happy 30th to Jesy

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  11. RMK


    I had no idea she was 30, woah
  12. Extremely here for Jesy solo material. I love voices that are both sexy and extremely quirky. Those two things usually don't mix but she makes it happen.
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  13. I wish I was 30 again.

    I'm nearer 40 than 30...

  14. You should have pressed the pause button at 29, like I'm about to.

    At the very least we should all get a free year.
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