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Jesy Nelson - Solo Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. "There’s a scene in Sweet Melody I’m not in, because that’s when I had a panic attack and broke down. I was like,"I just want to go home." I was sobbing in the dressing room. Someone really close to me said, "This has got to stop. You can’t keep doing this to yourself. You’re going to end up where you were before."

    She's probably talking about the scene where all the girls morph. I always wondered why she was the only one not morphing into one of the girls and now, it's probably because she was insecure about her morphing as her or the reverse and felt judgements and insecurities coming.
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    Well she does still call them 'my three girls' in that video interview
  4. It's a magazine cover shoot, if anyone was taken by surprise it was them. Let's not reach... They aren't five year olds fighting for the limelight, it's a pregnancy and an interview.
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  5. How ridiculous. I very much doubt Jesy or her team knew Leigh was announcing her pregnancy today.
  6. Has Leigh got pregnant because she wanted to be a parent, or because she wanted to make an announcement? The idea that Jesy is somehow stealing her limelight is so bloody ridiculous. So are docents of stupid comments under Jesy's post...
  7. I mean, I wasn't the first to mention it, but I apologise if my comment offended anyone. I think we're kidding ourselves if we imagine that the two camps won't be pitted against each other going forward though.
  8. RMK


    Are people that bored?
  9. Silly comments like this really get on my nerves . Also ones having a go Jesy for currently not publicly congratulating Leigh like she probably hasn’t likely done it privately already .Not everything needs to be for public display .
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  10. Not that anyone deserves hate but this was to be expected...
  11. How was it to be expected when...Jesy presumably had no idea that Leigh was announcing her pregnancy (or that she was even pregnant in the first place) when the magazine cover/interview was scheduled? Y'all are making this out to be so much more dramatic than it is.
  12. I think what superloves meant is that the 15 year old who commented that probably doesn't know much about this business. They probably saw the video of her shooting yesterday and actually thought they'd come up with a magazine cover in 24 hours.
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  13. She is glowing and she gives off such warmth.

    I really enjoyed her interview with Cosmopolitan and I truly do feel like she made the best decision for herself.

    The only thing that saddens me is that it seems as though the relationship between the girls is strained.
  14. I’m glad that we have this interview. There were a few missing elements to everything and I feel like now the gaps have been filled in.

    I knew the Sweet Melody video was an issue for her, I could just feel it.
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  15. I don’t know why but I feel like the solo career is not what will bring her the hapiness she deserves. The pressure she is going to get and the scrutinity of the press and such, I don’t know. I totally respected her decision when she left the band because of the media and the pressure, I totally understood that she wanted to be at peace with herself and just enjoy life off the spotlight, but what I do not get is how she will get all of that as a solo star and a cover magazine star. Music is her passion so of course that makes sense, but for her own safety it’s like I feel she was more protected with 3 girls around her than on her own. Ex-girlband members have always said how going solo felt quite stressful as you can’t rely on the other girls and the group’s dynamic: it’s just you on stage and all lights on you. Hope she manages to get what she’s looking for though!
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  16. She has mentioned she has no issue with the pressure / media and the work required by a solo artist, it was being compared to other 3 girls that was her issue.
  17. I guess with Jesy it’s a try and see what happens situation. She clearly loves music and it’s clear now why she left the group, which must’ve been tough on her and the other girls, but also who knows whether that means being solo will solve everything? I guess now everything is more on her terms, the outfits, music, videos, photo shoots etc.
  18. If she says it's the pressure of being in the group that is bad for her mental health, I don't see why we should disbelieve her. She's already said the taste she got of it during lockdown & now since she's left has been massively better and she's the happiest she's ever been since joining Little Mix.
  19. But being a female popstar she will be compared to other female popstars, that’s sad (because men don’t get that) but that’s how it is. She won’t escape comparaisons because she is solo. Being a female popstar IS harsh. But yes hopefully I am wrong and her solo journey brings her hapiness - that’s all she deserves.
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