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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Jesy’s back in the studio today and has liked comments about “JN1”, her debut solo album.

  2. Her Look At Me is coming.
  3. ...... awkward.
  4. I wasn’t expecting this...
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  5. Interesting. ........ Best of luck to her.
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  6. I mean.. it's good to have a creative outlet, but when you leave a band specifically because of the pressures of fame/body image issues/having a magnifying glass on you constantly... isn't that only heightened by jumping into a solo album?

    I dunno, maybe she's got a good team and knows her limits now but I just presumed she'd be aiming for another type of media career that was a little less full-on than having to be a post-girl-group popstar.
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  7. I think a big part of it was the comparison to the other girls - which, unfortunately, I don't think will ever go away for any of them.
  8. Well I’m in the minority (at least from the Little Mix thread) in thinking that I didn’t expect this to happen so soon.
  9. Nor did I. I kinda think it’s low key shady of her. Just the way she went about it. plus in her leaving statement it didn’t feel warm to the other girls.
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  10. It’s not shady at all for her to pursue solo music. Music is her love and her passion. I’m surprised it seems like she’s diving in as quickly as she is, but I have to imagine that recording your solo music and doing it on your own terms / time frame, it’s totally less grueling and emotionally exhausting as being on the schedule of the biggest Western girl group in the world.
  11. I'd say there's a high chance that quite a lot more went down than what we were privy to. I wouldn't take that leaving statement as gospel about why she really left. Maybe it's what she had to say.

    Anyway she's a free woman and can do whatever she likes and good for ha for not sleeping on the opportunity.
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  12. These pictures aren't going to help the blackfishing comments she's previously received.

    I think it's great if she wants to record music on her terms then she absolutely should. But it seems a bit suspect that she's dropped this hint around the same time if rumours of the first 3 piece Little Mix single are picking up steam.

    She could have played a blinder if the day before it (edit to clarify: it being her song not the Little Mix one) was out she just uploaded the single cover and said out tomorrow first play on such and such.

    This kinda feels staged managed by higher ups.
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  13. Nn the way she’s going to get villainized by stans just for doing what she wants to do.
  14. There was me thinking she'd become a TV personality and part-time influencer dd.

    Look forward to seeing what she'll bring to the table, and hopefully that's bops on bops.
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  15. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Honestly, it's just amusing to me that mixers gave directioners and harmonizers so much shit for years because of Zayn and Camila leaving to do solo music only for this to happen dddddddd

  16. Just release this cover, please. I'd be beyond happy.
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  17. I mean there's nothing wrong with pursuing a solo career and I don't fault her for wanting to do so after being in a group for almost 10 years, but I do think quitting in the middle of a current album cycle and during the group's biggest hit was not the right way to go about it.

    Jesy to me always stood out the most in the group so I'm very intrigued by what she can deliver solo. She has the look, style, and vocal chops to pull it off.
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  18. How dare Lil Kim steal one of Wendy Williams' 2009 wigs?
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  19. I'm a bit surprised that it's happening that quickly.
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  20. Best of luck
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