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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. I howled at this earlier (also, if you haven't read her book Love In Colour, you absolutely should)

    Realistically, how well do we see this song doing? I feel like I know so little about streaming habits etc, but I can't see this catching on at all.
  2. This is ghastly in every way. Just utterly reprehensible. She looks and sounds ridiculous.
  3. I know that I've already complained about the over-reliance on the sample, but after hearing the song once, I literally have no motivation to listen to it again. Instead I feel like listening to Diddy's "Bad Boys For Life."

    I don't have an issue with sampling in music, but do something transformative with it. Show some sense of creativity.
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  4. My favourite thing about this whole doomed endeavour is @lushLuck still out here liking any and every post mentioning Liam Payne, so thanks for that I guess, Jay-Z Nelson.
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  5. 2006 is calling.

    Fantasia wants her album track back.

    Utterly bewildering. How did Puffy and Nicki not have a word???
  6. I literally cannot comprehend how utterly awful all of this is.

    The song adds literally nothing to the original - which begs the question 'what was the point'?

    And as for the video. I genuinely feel a bit sorry for her as she obviously doesn't have a sweet clue about who she is, and what she should be about as an artist. It just feels like she's cosplaying as someone else and she just doesn't have the swag or the range to pull any of this off. This isn't going to end well for her.
  7. "Bangers and mash English girl"
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  8. Oh my god, I can't handle this. Not missing the tourist crowd by 4 hours.
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  9. K94


    She wishes!
  10. This entire package has bad juju.
  11. #1 on UK Itunes now, wasn't expecting that from the reaction in this forum.
  12. It’s the UK public. The kinda public that chant “I’m not racist but” with their full chest and don’t even hear what’s coming out of their mouth. Expect it.
  13. Can’t you get number 1 on iTunes with like 20 sales now though?

    Honestly, I just find it sad that this will be getting hammered on all the major radio stations when there are so many better songs (especially by black artists) that are more deserving of that space.
  14. Stream Kelis x

  15. So far I’m hearing this song everywhere at the moment in Sydney (short space of time). There was even an interview with her just just now on the project. And heard it 4 times on radio in a short spade.

    The younger teens will lap up this trash as all of them are praising this song as ‘art’ on YouTube.
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  16. NOT THIS
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  17. I love how this 8am publicity stunt feels like it echoes all the ex-girl band members from the 90s and 00s who launched their first flop single, like history repeating itself. The only non-paparazzi being two boomer tourists who've just finished their fried breakfast and the Wetherspoons staff on a ciggy break? Iconic

  18. RJF


    Not bangers and mash girl.

  19. This is far worse than I ever thought possible.
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