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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. I’m honestly expecting cornrows to show up soon at this point.
  2. You know it's bad when you search "blackfishing" on Twitter and it's all about one person.
  3. I have absolutely no desire to play this song again, as it doesn't bring nothing new to the table, and let's be clear, it's not even enjoyable listen! Having this behemoth of a sample should only help, but in this case all of those elements just don't work together.

    If we're talking about the video - I quite enjoyed choreography scenes and that's pretty much it.
  4. Trying Not To Think About It
  5. I never really remove stuff from my Apple Music library after I’ve added it but I think this will be the exception. The whole thing just makes me uncomfortable enough not to support it.

    I thought maybe the song would be a shock surprise in all of this messiness but it’s woeful - why would anyone enjoy listening to this? I thought maybe the video would’ve toned down the blackfishing and I wanted to believe part of the delay was to reshoot parts of it. But it’s just so in your face and she doesn’t care.

    Also I’m 31 and this is embarrassing behaviour for a 30 year old. I’d like to think I’m not as out of touch as her because the blackfishing, styling, the whole setup really looks like 2003 threw up on it. There’s nothing cool about this in the slightest. It’s not even a cute throwback either.
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  7. I can‘t get over her baby voice, I don‘t understand anything.
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  8. Sorry, I know there's genuine words and thoughts to be expressed about this but I'm still stuck on "the UK baddie".
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  9. Let's save the gurls a few clicks shall we? Stream BOTH!

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  10. Aside from “What You Waiting For?”, they really didn’t though. From her just writing new lyrics on top of Louchie Lou & Michie One’s “Rich Girl” (already an interpolation of a well-known Broadway song) to teaching all of us how to spell “bananas”, we need to admit her music was stupid too.

    Legitimately this. It felt like more like a fan living their dream than an a proper artist paying homage.
  11. Imagine lying like this
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  12. I really canNOT at this. I try not to discuss her appearance, or anyone's for that matter, but I can't get over how egregious it is for her to be doing this this and media outlets saying her blackfishing is "glowing". It'd be awful anytime, but feels even more damaging when this month is Black History Month too.. I really wish someone would reach out to her because it is getting worse.

    Anyway, the song is fine. Pretty catchy but not reinventing any wheels, and not sure it'll have much longevity. I do genuinely think she's capable of making good music, so I reckon she can do better than this!
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  13. It's...already #21 on Apple Music.

    It's going to debut top 10 on Spotify isn't it?
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  14. R92


    Jesy wishes her culture vulture moments were as lush as Luxurious.”
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  15. I think the song is okay, but the vocal take is awful and something about its production is very dated.

    The blackfishing is so bad. A shame because I thought the video is fine, too.
  16. She served better choreography too.
  17. Wow
    I really did think even with everything thats gone on, that at the very least the song would be good….
    The visuals are awful, her voice is…. I don’t even know whats happening there…
    The Diddy cameo seemed completely pointless… that said, he looks hot hehe
  18. Yes,
    The brilliance. The originality of interpolating and interpolation. And that’s just one example on an album even Gwen referred to it as “stupid dance record” but this is a Jesy thread so let’s leave it at that.

    I can’t get over how awful “Boyz” is, and the video is edited in a way that just seems like they were hitting beats (grillz! then an awkward CGI transition into a guy with a blunt, then a super close up of some girl twerking and etc).
  19. SMG


    It also seems a wasted opportunity for the choreography to be so poor because one of Jesy’s best qualities is her ability to perform.

    Nothing about this package has done her justice.
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  20. This was my exact thinking.
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