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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

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    I don't know if we know anything about it but I did think when Leigh-Anne's documentary came out that there must have been some really uncomfortable tension between them for years when Jesy's bullying and mentality became so all-consuming that any rightful criticism of her became a bit of a no go. It is so hard to initiate a necessary confrontation with someone you care about.
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  2. They've disabled the comments on her latest Tik Tok video because it was filled with criticism regarding her blackfishing. Along with comments like "Jesy me bredren xx" dd.
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  3. Bad phrasing on my end - The label were the ones dodging Leigh-Anne's requests to meet, because they didn't want to answer "awkward" questions on camera about the treatment of black artists. Jesy had nothing to do with Leigh's doc, I only made the comparison because of the similar 'dodging and offering some statement as a fake olive branch' trick.
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  4. This is all in such bad taste. What a shame.

    (I think she sounds exactly like herself throughout, though?)
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  5. Rihanna's impact.
  6. I can already picture Leigh’s face dd
  7. Very nice and funny segment with Matt and Mollie on R1 this morning. Though Mollie must have been wondering why her solo endeavours didn't get the same exposure.
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  8. I caved and gave this a listen while queuing at Mercadona.

    This is positively rotten.

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  9. Not the original tweet having 2.4K quotes and only 538 likes dddd.
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  10. I'ver had the original Diddy chorus stuck in my head all day but can't for the life of me remember how Jesy's song goes.
  11. She has no idea of who she is or who she even wants to be that is evident from this release and her interviews.

    I have empathy for her mental health issues as I would anyone but she does display a lot of characteristic of a fragile narcissist. If this flops hard it will hit her hard because she cares so much about being liked. The whole thing comes across as slightly racist, dated and very inauthentic.
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  12. I think a lot of the criticism is valid but it is quite alarming to see how many people online are piling onto Jesy when she has experienced extreme body dysmorphia and suicidal thoughts due to online trolling. Her team must be aware of the blackfishing narrative but don't seem to have even tried to steer this in a different direction. I think that they could be using the controversy to generate more publicity and if that is the case it's absolutely working.

    On a separate note, I was thinking about Jessie J today and I reckon if 'Do It Like A Dude' was released now she would have faced similar criticism.
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  13. This was posted by one of Leigh’s sister’s close friends. Sounds like people have been trying to tell her.

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  14. It’s Baleghdish
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  15. Oh god, this song is awful. I’m not even going to mention the obvious…problems…but the vocals are terrible- it’s like she’s taken the slurry, baby voice up to 11. She has a beautiful singing voice when she isn’t being over the top so I don’t understand why she does it.

    The mention of Little Mix in the video stings a bit too to be honest.
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  16. God I forget about her dd. We've had to deal with so much shit.
  17. I think people in this thread mostly have been keeping the criticism within acceptable boundaries; after all, what she's doing is wrong and the song and video are bad. But yeah, some of the comments on other parts of the internet... *shudders*
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  18. She was one of my favourite members in Little Mix, but it's so hard to reconcile that Jesy from this Jesy. She seems hell bent on erasing all the goodwill that she had with this garbage song and visuals. I cannot look at the photos from her radio tours because it's so fucking disheartening to see that she just doesn't get it — no matter how many times people have brought the issue up. "I know I'm a white woman, but that's just how I dress," is just a bad and dangerous way of shutting down the issue. Everything about this is... just hot garbage.

    Excuse me while I listen to Tinashe's 333 to clear my mood. You all should too!
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  19. Ddd the way everyone is dining out on likes because of this mess.
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