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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. This is clearly a very nuanced arena and it would be great if the thread
    Jesy has the star quality and the others seem embarrassing in this video. That's not my overall opinion of Little Mix to be honest, but a very bad example for you to share. (I always thought Jade was the one)
  2. Mama this is garbaj. What the hell is that accent/voice? What's the point of Diddy's cameo only for her to stand there and stare?
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  3. I caught myself bopping to it today. And I can only echo what some have been saying that the negative reception is really only here and on Twitter. The vast majority of people seem to lap it up. Radio is gonna love it, the Barbz are all up in the YouTube comments.

    I don't know. Jesy was always my Little Mix favorite and so I'm hoping she'll get a grip with the blackfishing and maybe she'll release something more inspired after this. I'm still rooting for this to be a success however because it needs to be in order for her to record more music.

    Somehow I had imagined she'd take us here musically:

    An original midtempo jam.
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  4. 3 good things came from this release:

    This thread
    Bad boys 4 life - forgot how hard this song slaps
    Diddy - he aged really well and looks better than ever
  5. Part of me thinks her team/label don't really see Jesy as a long-term investment, possibly due to her age and other factors, and so are just happy to have this one big controversy-fuelled hit and don't really care whether that affects her future prospects. Do we know what kind of deal she signed?
  6. Yikes.
  7. If Jade, Leigh and Perrie are embarassing in that video? In comparison to the video released today? I don’t think so.
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  8. Boyz has been serviced to US POP radio.

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  9. I’ve literally had Alexandra’s Bad Boys on repeat all day. What a song.
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  11. Haven't you seen the Little Mix videography? But my comment was specifically about that one video in any case.
  12. The way we were even saying earlier in the thread that JoJo is the blueprint for how to do R&B tastefully without blackfishing was such a disservice to JoJo. Boyz doesn’t come close to anything on good to know or trying not to think about it. If Jezy wanted a cute bop done well then What U Need/Man could’ve been examples to follow.

    It’s annoying that JoJo and Kehlani aren’t getting half the attention this mess of a song is getting.
  13. Let’s be sensible, there’s going to be zero reflection and accountability here. Considering how many people were involved in this whole rollout and had to approve it without seeing the writings on the wall, they’ll sure as hell won’t backtrack. Especially not while the song is pretty much lighting up the charts everywhere… Jesy is out on Instagram celebrating all the cute graphics the Baddies and Barbz have put together and every critical Tweet, article etc. will be seen as jealousy and pettiness of her “success”.
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  14. Honestly sis, what are these takes?
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  15. He better stan Jamelia!

    Stream Thank You.
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  16. I knew what you were referring to, there’s nothing in that Spotify vertical video even remotely as “embarrassing” as this campaign but I guess we’ll agree to disagree.
  17. We get it, you're a Baddie.
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  18. Yeah that's another thing. It's always I love black culture this, I love black music that. But when it comes to black social issues it's crickets.
  19. The vertical video is much better than the official video in fact. And a serve throughout.
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