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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. This is true, she was messaging my friends cousin who’s a super fan. Asking them to post negative things about the single.
  2. Hmmm this isn't cute.

    This is about child stars, like Michael Jackson etc. Jesy was 19 when she joined LM, she came from a struggling / unhappy family so she wasn't / isn't sheltered like that.
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  3. Even if there (rightfully) is some animosity between the girls, I just can't imagine Leigh Anne is sitting at home with two month old twins messaging fans to ask them to drag Jesy and her single online.
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  4. You shouldn’t have to try too hard to get people to post something negative about it but I highly doubt that’s true dddd.
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  5. Well you just have to go on to Twitter to see the receipts, it happened.
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  6. What do I search?

    If Leigh Ann feels some type of way then surely she post something herself, she has a bigger platform than all. All of this seems very messy. I have heard two names mentioned that have been contacted to do this


  7. Well, it's not quite "messaging fans asking them to post negative things about the single". She responded to someone in private that she seems to follow.

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  8. She didn’t really approach him specifically to make a call out video though

  9. RMK


    That is the most desperate attempt at a story I have ever heard.
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  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Seems.. fishy to me?
  11. R92


  12. Jesy only follows a grand total of two people on Instagram at the moment, Diddy and Nicki (erm).
    I feel sad for Leigh Ann, it must be hard and painful to see the girl you’ve been living with for 10 years act as such and nurture the culture of blackfishing. She must feel like educating people is a lost cause if even her "sister" can’t bloody understand it.
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  13. A big tiktoker went in live showing what she sent him, asking him to do a video on Jesy being a blackfish seemed like legit screenshots to me because why would he go to the effort to fake it plus, there were other (verified accounts) in the chat with Leigh!
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  14. Yeah, that's not exactly "Leigh-Anne is messaging random fans telling them to hate on Jesy!!!!". If that's real it's kinda messy, but not unjustified.
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  15. This Twitter account comes from nowhere and has no activity… This is 99% fake. But I wouldn’t even be surprised if this whole fake drama comes from Jesy’s team - they know getting headlines is what will get her streams.
  16. Oh yeah not this trying to make Jesy a victim all of a sudden.
  17. I don’t see anything wrong in that at all! She’s understandably angry and saying he should use his platform to call her out on a video instead of promoting her song on a video like there isn’t anything else going on.
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  18. Video. Seems legit to me
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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Okay if it's in response to that poll it sorta makes sense and is definitely entirely different from DMing random fans ' please make a hate video about Jesy'
  20. Ok so a fan she follows posted a video of him dancing to Boyz and probably being hurt by that she messaged him sarcastically saying you should do a video about her blackfishing instead. Now people are trying to spin it saying she's going around telling fans to make negative videos about her.

    Y'all are a trip. People will bend over backwards trying to victimize Jesy and feel sorry for her but when it comes to black women, empathy can never be found.
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