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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Once this flops she should do a Nadine Coyle and flog the album via a partnership?

    I’m thinking a copy with every bottle of fake bake, no?
  2. I don’t like this. It’s like having a back up plan. She literally shaded the whole discography and the LM team but want it as a security blanket.
    I’m not sure they’ll be happy to have the high maintenance she comes with back again. especially when they’ll never know when the next weaponised mental health rant is coming to guilt trip them. Messy!
    That sounds mean but if you’re saying that your mental health meant being in a girl band was a horrible experience for yourself and the girls why put everyone through that again if nothing has changed? It’s like loading torture round 2.
  3. Okay, well that makes it tea then.
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  4. Hope her head’s warm buried in that sand!
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  5. It’s number one in the Official Chart Update, but that’s always a bit over-indexed on downloads. Streams will catch up later in the week and I’d expect Ed to overtake.

    I’d love to be wrong though!
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  6. "If you make good music"

    Okay but like...Boyz is...not...that...
  7. NOT the upside down iPhone camera angle.
  8. Is she referring to rejoining the group though? It sounds like a response to someone asking if she kept in touch with the girls..
  9. Diddy has "I'm just here for the cheque" energy
  10. I suspect the first day or two will have been heavily front loaded with streams from people playing it out of curiosity, who are unlikely to play it again further down the line (lot least cos the song is shit). So expecting it to fall a fair bit over the coming days.
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  11. Meet & Greet vibes.
  12. That's quite the reach. He approved the sample and then actively participated in the project. Jesy won't understand any criticism as to appropriation or blackfishing with regard to this video, when it comes with his endorsement and the collaboration with Nicki also (as problematic as she is, it is undeniable she is one of the most prominent current black artists in the industry).
  13. He's in good company with Nicki then. Anyone who hasn't been in a coma since 2009 knows she'll do a guest rap for anybody who throws enough money at her, but her detachment has rarely been as obvious as this. She sounds like she lay in bed half asleep while someone lifted a microphone to her lips.
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  14. This warms my heart.
  15. Doubt Diddy was paid for the cameo.
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  16. Brian left Westlife for “family” and released a single 6 months later as well as a divorce, they still to this day have not forgiven and won’t let him back in despite him wanting to return and the offer of millions for a full lines up reunion. So there is cases like this where bridges are burnt and that’s that’s!
  17. They cite it as being due to time spent as a quarter far out-weights however many years that was before he left, which I don’t see will be the case with Little Mix.

    Unless Jesy waits till the 30 year anniversary to think of making amends dddd
  18. Sorry, working my way through the pages I’ve missed but who’s going to tell this man Michael Jackson was a black man who had vitiligo and his autopsy proved he had it after the press was trying to make out it was fake?!
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  19. If you read that nobodies feed he says it’s about that Michael turned his face into that of a “white woman” (his words) so it’s best to just ignore him.
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