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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Maybe it was the director? Or that going solo requires a certain attempt at bravery? Or because now that she's out of the context where each person is supposed to shine as a special part of a whole, she's gone from 'concerningly tan' to full-on cosplaying a stereotype of an identity in the name of that doesn't belong to her, plus lacks range to method act, resulting in the fluidity of an iron rod and the authenticity of a forged artifact? She postures, and can never be what she's 'tributing'. If you don't actually believe in what you are, then of course when you force yourself through the motions, you'll end up wooden and awkward.

    The real question is, more importantly, why the refusal for a learned space of empathy and apologetic humility? All of this could have been avoided if 1) she had a team that didn't filter out legitimate concern and contructive criticism and 2) if she took any of the alleged multiple conversations of "this is why this is wrong". Any thin argument of "well, she doesn't seem to have bad intent" (in which anyone with good intent but bad outcome should still own up to a mea culpa) has dissolved due to her willful conflation/distraction with other issues. The stans are of no help either with the whataboutisms.

    Black culture should be celebrated. That's a no-brainer. But since her idea of giving a nod to Black Excellence with an "it's OK, I grew up listening to this music so I deserve the aesthetic" tan, inelastic and caricatured attempts at swagger, and curating Instagram clips from a few POC that are jamming to the song to silently imply 'a pass', then she can sod off. I hope she can grow from this, but she has a pretty steep path for her apology tour should she finally awaken to what she's chosen to do with and to her life, art, career, and loved ones.

    But lol I dunno, maybe she was dehydrated and Mercury was in Gatorade or whatever.
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  2. Didn’t Jesy and her boyfriend or whatever he is direct? So this is very possible, they don’t have much experience completely directing a video. Jesy has done so many videos but it’s not the same when you have someone who’s directed so many times and knows how to bring the best out of shot
  3. Considering the director is literally her white ex-boyfriend/former rapper... and this is possibly his music video directorial debut. The layers dddd.
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  4. It’s just got from worse to worser to worserer.
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  5. Jenashe

  6. Nicki is @JesyNelsonDefender confirmed!
  7. The song being so underbaked and boring is funny. She couldn't even squeeze a trashy bop out of this mess.

    Where are the melodies? Hooks? Quotable lyrics?
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  8. Wt actual f? (Abbreviations are appropriate here, I reckon?). She’s like literally baked in Ovaltine here.
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  9. This automatically started playing, on mute, and I swear I thought it was Beyonce. Took the mute off and yeah……
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  10. It's been like this since the Glory Days era I believe.
  11. Now I’ve truly seen it all.
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  12. Has it? I cant recall much aside her having much more charisma in all of their music videos, especially Touch and No More Sad Songs.
  13. Is the blackfishing also a dated reference?

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  14. A Jesy Nelson Defender and a Sex Offender Defender? The commitment to bad decisions!
  15. I have over 20 pages to catch up in this thread, just from the weekend...

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  16. I was talking to my friend about Boyz over the weekend... And she legit thought Jesy was black when I told her I dislike her blackfishing.
    Mind, we went to the LM5 tour together in Amsterdam... I can't. She didn't like the track, the beat was OK (sample yeah) and now she hates it too nn.
  17. A group of us were talking today and no one knows who Jesy is. When I mentioned the girl from little Mix they all said oh ok….we heard of them but not the music. Anyway, they all thought she was Latina.

    Aside from the image, which wasn’t our problem, it was just how terrible and cheap the song is and how bad music has become.
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  18. One bad song doesn’t make all current music bad.
  19. Aren’t you a decade older (than the average Mixer) and Australian? Of course she’s not known to your group.
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  20. Number 4 in the mids.
    Looking at numbers, wouldn’t be surprised if it’s mid to low teens by Friday.
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