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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. She’s also liking tweets about Leigh Anne not supporting her against Tulisa.
  2. Probably because the whole group was silent when she mentioned what Tulisa had put her through. Can’t blame Misha for being resentful.
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  3. Artist's depiction of that live

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  4. I’d like to think Leigh has learned about solidarity unlike Jesy.
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  5. So this happened. Caption has already changed.

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  6. She hadn’t learned it last year when Misha had spoken out?
  7. The caption. Disgusting.

    She changed it.
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  8. Nicki is liking shit about Leigh-Anne’s husband, which is so ironic I want to fucking scream with frustration at this woman.
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  9. No…she did not. Wow, when I thought this couldn’t get any worse…
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  10. Nicki? Trash. Jesy? Trash. The song? Trash. Bin it all.
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  11. I doubt Jesy knows that 'Bad boyz' top 10 peak will mainly be based on bad publicity ,and people basically curious to watch the video to see what everyone and media was on about.

    The label will be happy as bad publicity can sometimes gain cheap and easy profit + further free publicity.

    I can see a few top 10-20 singles, but I don't see her album doing well.
  12. Is it even a success? Can’t it drop like a stone between now and Friday?
  13. Um what happened since yesterday? I’m so lost and behind, but just saw this:
  14. This is really really bad!
  15. It’s gross that they’re trying to twist this argument into “well Leigh Anne has done this in the past…”. I’m not talking about Misha B, because I think she has a right to be upset about how she was treated by the X Factor and Leigh Anne never sticking up for. But Nicki doing all of this and liking tweets as if she even knew Leigh Anne’s name before yesterday is just gross and completely missing the point that people have been trying to make.
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  16. If I was Jesy I would be BEGGING Nicki to stop helping me.
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  17. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ. What a disaster.
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  18. This has turned into a real hate chamber. I find it bizarre that anyone would watch that IG live, and yes I have watched the whole thing (vile to see the aggressive comments from those who openly claim to have not watched it, but still feel they can throw in an opinion), and not see how vulnerable Jesy was throughout. Nicki made it clear from the outset it was her space, Jesy was a guest, and this worked okay until the Leigh stuff got brought up. Jesy clearly seemed uncomfortable and it's not as easy as a lot of you suggest for her to interject and comment on this, when you are not the person with the power. She tried a few times and Nicki did not give her the air to do this, hence lots of nervous laughter (and also some forced laughter for sure, in trying to make the experience end on a positive vibe).

    I don't think Leigh did anything wrong at all and this whole thing has been handled badly, but there are a lot of people in this thread who are hypocrites being 'nasty' and 'unpleasant', while actively presenting those characteristics themselves safely from their anonymity.
  19. Fff please just shut up. Every post you've made in here the last few days gets progressively worse and more embarrassing.
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  20. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I personally don't think it's fair for people to hold the Misha B situation against Leigh-Anne when Leigh-Anne was 18 years old and just as scared getting into the industry as Misha B was. It's one thing for Misha B, the person who was hurt by it, to hold that resentment, but people in general?

    It's just easier to try to find a fault in Leigh-Anne rather than admitting that when it comes to Jesy there's absolutely nothing wrong in what Leigh-Anne did, does, said or says. Like, I can't even begin try to rationalise any way anything Leigh-Anne does makes it excusable for her to receive even 1/10 of the shit she's getting. Some people are bringing up she has a white friend who over-tans as well but it's just... I don't know how that's on her.
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