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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Nohun is a nobody who wants to be somebody.
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  2. I was all for the girls to come out with their receipts, release a statement or whatever... But it would only benefit Nicki , who is thriving with this drama. The girls have more to gain by ignoring (publicly,) the drama (for now)
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  3. I really can't stand Jesy after all of this now. That Vulture interview from a few days ago is even more appalling in hindsight, now that we know Leigh herself spoke to her about these issues. The way Jesy has been trying to exploit some type of.. misunderstood/oblivious 'underdog' type of image when in reality she's probably always been the most conceited member of the group. And then for her to just sit silently like that during that live is beyond sad and pathetic.

    Hope it was worth it all for a shit single!
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  4. I see nothing more than a bully encouraging her fans to bully another black woman and also a fellow new mother, how Jesy and her team can allow this is honestly mind boggling!

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  5. she’s changed huh

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  6. Can we stop posting Nicki's tweets? Just looking at them makes me rage.
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  7. The fact that Nicki is only talking all this shit cuz she’s on the song isrejnejfjsjs like the motivated reasoning is so blatant.
  8. It is still up on Facebook. Like petty and what’s the point.
  9. Like clockwork.
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  10. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    This tepid take when Jesy’s black fishing has not been a decade long problem and now, from Jesy’s own mouth, it’s been confirmed she did speak to her privately long before this public mess has transpired… how embarrassing
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  11. Or at least put them under spoilers tags maybe?
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  12. All I'm seeing is page after page of negative posts in the launch week of an artist, which I completely understand given the events, but wow. I've posted anything ban-worthy?! People should be allowed to have differing opinions on here.

    "She could have easily shut the whole topic down" - are you able to do this in situations where you are being keenly watched? I know I am not. Just because she has been in the industry for 10 years doesn't magically give her the confidence to navigate those kinds of interactions.

    The whole thing is very uncomfortable and I really wish that Jesy and Little Mix had cleared the air before this project launch, as there's obviously a lot more that went on than we were aware of.
  13. I just remembered how

    - Jesy randomly brought up 50 Cent during their f, marry or slap game and saying Justin Timberlake would make a great husband which just showed how out of touch she is with modern Black music and pop culture (later not knowing Lil Baby or Birdman)

    - the only time she specifically mentioned Leigh-Anne was to say how she used to joke that Jesy looked mixed race, which to me sounded like she was using her throwaway comment as a cosign that her “tanning” was fine
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  14. She’s gonna be so disappointed when the song fails to even hit the Bubbling Under chart.
  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I really hope this has basically completely illuminated who Nicki is now. She is an embarrassment of a person over years, through multiple instances, and without slowing down. I'm so glad I threw out her music years ago and donated my Queen vinyl to a landfill.
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  16. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    This is absolutely horrifying.

    It's one thing for Jesy to be wrapped up in her own mess, but for Leigh-Anne to be dragged into it for nothing... I honestly have no words. I can't believe this actually happened. And I feel terrible for Leigh who deserved literally none of this and just had one of her idols and a (former) friend bully her online.

    This has gotten so malicious and gross and genuinely unsettling.
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  17. I don't think changed is the right word. Nicki has always been opportunistic and selective about who and what she chooses to voice her opinions on. Recently though, it's been more of a distraction tactic than anything else.
  18. Jesy sitting in the background during that live acting like an innocent and angelic victim (While she knew deep down what was going down).
    I’m sure when it’s the right time, she will throw Niki under the bus and say it was all her fault/ she knew nothing/ niki will be niki/ management told her to remain silent.

    I don't wish any harm on Jesy, but I sure hope someone in her family grabs her and asks 'what the fffffffffff are you doing?'.
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  19. Why involve the other girls in this when they haven't said a single negative thing about Jesy since it was announced she was leaving the band? The girls have been nothing but gracious, something that has not been returned.

    All I see in here and in all your posts is attempt after attempt to shift the blame from Jesy to someone/something else. She is a grown ass woman who can and should be held responsible for her actions and words, or lack of them like today
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  20. The speed with which Jesy’s team has managed to scapegoat the actual woman of colour in Little Mix and give her a villain edit is abhorrent.

    Jesy is a textbook case study in white fragility 101. She is an active and willing participant in the circus she’s built. She deserves all of the flak coming her way.
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