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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. I have no idea why she wants to be a racist Kerry Katona but here she goes.

    And to paint Leigh in such a bad light!? I guess Leigh confronting her about her “authentic self” hurt her so bad she not only left the group but wants to drag Leigh Anne to hell with her.
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  2. I just laughed out loud at this!

    I’ve just looked and all the top ones are in favour of Leigh.
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  3. Somehow Jesy sold 2.2k in CDs, so is back up to #3 in the midweeks. Luckily she's going nowhere near the top 2 but this is a much better outcome than this campaign deserves.
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  5. It just crossed my mind that we still haven't one single live performance of this yet. It really feels like weeks have passed since the video dropped, so much has happened within a short span of time and it's only gonna get worse.
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  6. Oh sorry we are not tolerating your bullshit so you can celebrate your single.
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  7. Admittedly I don't know much about Little Mix or Jesy, but the thing that I truly don't understand in all of this is how her team let this become the narrative. Like, if she'd been getting criticism about blackfishing for so long, how did they end up greenlighting this song/video to launch her solo career? I'm guessing that part of it is looking at artists like Ariana who have gotten away with it unscathed for so long, but the Boyz video is so blatantly drenched in black culture that it's over-the-top. And even Ariana has toned it down a ton over the last few years, particularly since the Thank U Next + 7 Rings videos got flack. It just seems bizarre that this was given the okay by so many people given that the criticism already existed.
  8. Ah yes, the famously selfless and loyal Nicki Minaj
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  9. As opposed to their generous and caring treatment of other women, I assume.

    Why on God's earth do so many of you still read it?
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  10. How?! Isn’t the physical single only available on her website too?
  11. I mean, I think she's been lead down a very dark path, following the along with the chief speaker of being surrounded by too many "yes" people. But I don't think Jesy is at the core a nasty person. Massively ignorant? Yes. Deeply confused? Yes. But I wouldn't be surprised if she's sitting with some very conflicting feelings regarding the attack on Leigh Anne.
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  12. Physical Products

    12.6. Cancellation

    (a) You may cancel your purchase of physical products at any time within 14 days for any reason, beginning on the day after you receive the Product(s). In this case, you will receive a full refund of the price paid for the Product(s) in accordance with our refunds policy set out in Section 13 below. For clarity, where your order was for Products of a “hybrid” nature (e.g. a physical product and digital content) and we have begun the process of delivering your digital content order or you have already accessed your digital content, we will process a partial refund proportionate to the relevant physical element of the order in accordance with our cancellation policy as set out in this Section 12.6. Where you order multiple items that are delivered in separate batches, your 14 day cancellation period does not begin until the day after the last item has been received by you.

    (b) To cancel, you must inform us clearly. We recommend the best way to do this is by emailing [email protected]. Please return the Product to us immediately in the same condition you received it (at your own cost and risk). You have a legal obligation to take care of the Product while it is in your possession. If you fail to do so, we may have a claim against you for compensation. You may, but are not obliged to, use the form of cancellation attached as a Schedule to these Supply Terms to notify us of your cancellation.

    (c) Further details of this 14 day cooling-off period, and an explanation of how to exercise your right to cancel, are provided in the Dispatch Confirmation for physical goods. Details of our refunds policy can also be found at Section 13.

    (d) This right to cancel does not apply:

    i. where CDs and/or DVDs (or other such audio or audio-visual Products) have been unsealed;

    ii. where the Product has been made to your specification;

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    iv. where the Product, by reason of its nature, cannot be returned.

    (e)Your statutory rights are unaffected by Section 12.6 (d) above.


    hth x
  13. Each new development equals another 10 eyerolls. I have a headache.
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  14. I said it before, Jesy hasn’t healed from anything that’s happened to her to disrupt her psyche.
  15. Her team planting arse-covering spin stories in the legendarily racist Daily Mail... fuck this entire campaign and everyone she works with.
  16. This whole campaign is depressing. Jesy was/is a good performer and, despite all the signs of where things were going, I was excited to see what she'd release. But the whole concept of the song is ridiculous, her voice is horrid and the video feels like a parody.

    I watched some of the Instagram live with a friend last night and we both said, 'This is such a weird tone.' And that was before the comments about Leigh-Anne. What could have been a celebration of a (not very good) first single was relentlessly negative and felt like watching two mean housemates bitching in the garden on Big Brother.

    As others have said, it felt as though Jesy had a huge wave of public support after her documentary. But she's definitely losing it/lost it now.
  17. Especially vile since her manager is Leigh-Anne’s former close friend Grace
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  18. Sigh...
  19. I'm just not sure how anyone can claim ignorance as the root cause of this anymore when her team have already moved to courting the Daily Mail readerbase. I can't imagine a much clearer sign of being on the wrong side than trying to get the most racist segments of British society to come to your defence. Jesy will know as well as anyone what that readerbase is like. She has to know why that's the part of the media her team are running to.

    Less than a week on from riding into an empty and damp Leicester Square in an open air car (remember when this campaign was funny?), she's already actively trying to foster a black aggressor vs innocent white woman narrative. It's just horrendous.
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