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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. The way this started autoplaying and I screamed.
  2. I was wondering why my "accidentally hitting play while scrolling" rate seemed to be increasing!
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  3. I’m so glad to know it’s not just me having a clumsy finger or scrolling too fast.

  4. Super weird too since, though he’s been a huge Little Mix fan for ages, it’s always Jade and Leigh that he’s had a personal connection with, had on his YouTube channel, etc. So even IF he was just being a messy Stan and siding with his fave, you’d think he would side with Leigh.
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  5. This megabop.

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  6. Looks like he came to his senses after the comments were dragging him. Also alluded to having heard
    about Leigh-Anne's problem with Jesy's blackfishing for a while now, since at least Woman Like Me.
  7. I'm genuinely interested in which territory their comment is loaded. To me it just seems like their comment sounds like American's have basic taste in music. Am I missing something?
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  8. Late to the party but some more boys

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  9. Just some other songs to add to the "Boy" playlist:

  10. American here - I personally don’t know anyone who likes this song (GP friends included) and it doesn’t sound like something that would be big in at least in my neck of the woods (PNW). America is massive and trends are different depending on which part of the country you’re referring to. Some of us do have basic taste, just like people everywhere do. To say we all like a certain kind of music or sound can also be seen as dismissive of the very community that is being disrespected by this travesty of a song (and the American artists and videos it directly lifts from), but that’s not my place to delve into so I won’t go further than that. I don’t think the original comment was meant to do that at all, but this is just a take on why it could be seen as “loaded”.
  11. Not CNN picking up on this…

  12. Not most of the comments being “Who?” or “Why is this news?”nn.
  13. Here to cosign what @Truce said, plus add this: It‘s loaded depending on which American form of popular music you think of first. I immediately thought of the implications of drums and snares being prevalent in hip-hop/Black-American forms of music, which “Tw: Boyz” derived its whole schtick from, anyways—hence why I warned for the original poster to tread lightly.
  14. *glances at boys playlist*

    No Namie, huh…

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  15. Not some of the top comments on CNN’s post being “I thought this was Lil Kim” and “Lil Kim before the surgeries”……
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  16. Let's be real, none of these media personalities/interviewers will take her to task. They're too scared of pissing off PR/labels/industry people. It is still set to be a top 5 hit, they won't turn on her until she's on her way down. I can only see a real confrontation happening if she goes on something like The View.
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  17. The very concept of singing about wanting a bad boy feels very outdated too. In a world where the conversation around violence towards women is very prominent, I’m not sure if desiring a bad boy should be seen as a thing to sing about.
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  18. Some songs that smash in the US (or anywhere, for that matter) definitely are questionable in quality, but the Hot 100 Top 20 is at one of its most diverse in years (albeit a little less than last year).
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  19. There is not a single person on The View who would have any idea who Jesy Nelson is.
  20. W2K


    The way this is still better than Boyz
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