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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Would it be too... harsh a take to call her a bully though? The biggest bully here is Nicki Minaj and all Jesy did was just... sitting there. I don’t know. Does that make you a complicit bully of some sort?
  2. Can't believe this one hasn't been mentioned yet:

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  3. Ok, maybe slightly harsh, but her laughing along to Nicki’s comments and her silence regarding not defending Leigh- Anne ( her band mate for 10 years) whilst she receives horrific abuse online is very telling.
  4. Not this gif.
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  5. I would call her a bully, and she’s honestly the worst kind. It’s all very underhanded with the planted PR stories labeling Leigh-Anne as the real bully, causing Jesy further anguish as she hides behind Nicki Minaj. A very shameless display of a distressed white women crying wolf and benefitting from a system and industry that doesn’t believe black women and is quick to make them out to be the villain.
  6. Her actions shows what little respect she has towards Leigh-Anne someone in her own words she regarded as a ‘sister’. If she actually respected that bond she wouldn’t have let Nicki unfairly tear Leigh-Anne to shreds. Everything about this release is just insidious and crass.
  7. As a wise woman once said:

    "There are two kinds of evil people; people who do evil stuff and people who see evil stuff being done and don't try to stop it."
  8. Screaming.

    I Love You is #2 on UK iTunes.
  9. The tired tale of a broken person hurting other people without care.
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  10. @VivaForever are you going to update the list babe? Please do.
  11. The way Spotify brought up Debbie Gibson before Charli when I searched for "girls night out." It knows me. Not that Debbie's is probably any better.

    Can't believe I forgot this one-two punch from the '80s queen of lolpop:

    Silly boyyyyyyssss...


  12. And

    A banger!
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  13. Tee-hee
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  14. This bop came to me while I was wondering around Tesco looking for baking supplies.

  15. Let's hear it for the boyzzzzz.

    Also this absolute classic:

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  16. I am a FLOP STAN:

    And with that, the playlist is up to date @Vasilios. "163 songs, about 10 hr." Kylie at Glasto.gif
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  18. Second single confirmed:

    I didn't believe in guilty pleasures until 15.42 on October 13, 2021.​
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