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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Apparently Nicki is still going, and is blocking fans telling her to stop
  2. I admit I'm one of those people who initially put Jesy's recent behaviour, at least in part, down to lack of intelligence. But this week's events have changed my mind. I still think she's not very bright (you only have to listen to some of the crap she's been spouting to realise that), but there's a definite malicious energy to her more recent comments and her behaviour on that live stream.

    From what we've seen, she comes across as a troubled young woman who's desperately lost and angry at the world. It's sad and quite disturbing, but there are no excuses for it. Poor Leigh - she and the other girls must be reeling. I also can't help wondering what Jesy's mum's take is on this? She seemed to have a good relationship with the girls and I can only imagine what it must be like for her, having begged her daughter to get out of the fame game, to then see her dragged deeper into the mud.
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  3. That is such a good way of putting it.
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  4. I can't at Jesy's messiness crossing over into the mainstream. I came back to my WhatsApp after 24 hours and these are the kind of messages I'm having to deal with now that this is on the GP's radar:


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  5. UK Baddie realness.
  6. Thank you for sharing this thread. It's important to hear and read more from the black women actually affected by these choices.

    I also wasn't aware that Wanna was the person who coined 'blackfishing' in the first place. Will give her a follow now.
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  7. My 83 year old mother asked me “Who is Jesy Nelson?” earlier this evening.
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  8. Isn't Wanna the woman Nicki bullied a few years back because she dared have an opinion about her music? This full circle moment.
  9. What’s the chart position latest?
  10. "You make videos in your bedroom" is sending me!
  11. What makes me laugh the most is egomaniac Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty thinking this whole debate is being orchestrated to spite........ her! She really believes the entire world is waiting on tenterhooks to see what she does next. I have to laugh.
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    I suppose it's no surprise that Nicki doesn't believe in the term Wanna coined, then...
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  13. Down to #4 in today’s UK midweeks.
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  14. Leigh-Anne has gained 51k in the same time frame, as she should.
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    This has all the hallmarks of a steep second-week drop.

    She really couldn't afford to alienate the Mixers. Who even are the Baddies? Who are these people who are willing to stan Jesy's weird subpar music career and turn on Little Mix? I'm genuinely confused as to who her fanbase is at the moment.
  16. Yeah, like alienating Mixers when they were 99.9% of her fanbase to begin with was such a huge misstep and her team are fucking dumb for allowing that to happen. When she has a second single and it doesn't feature someone with as rabid a fanbase as Nicki's, I fear they're in for a rude awakening.
  17. Especially when, prior to all this nonsense, I can’t think of a single other scenario where a member of a popular group left and began a solo career that had MORE goodwill amongst the fandom than Jesy from Mixers. Like, Lil’ Mixanistas were so happy to support Jesy and had she handled this literally any other way she would have been off to a great start.
  18. I actually don’t see a huge second week drop coming, since it already seems to be reacting well to playlisting. But a second single drop off seems inevitable.

    EDIT: I took a look and the video actually gained 150k views in the UK yesterday, likely due to all the media coverage this story got.
  19. The "Baddies" will literally be 99% Nicki Minaj fans ddd.
  20. They’ve disabled comments on all her Instagram pictures. I imagine they’ll do that going forward or just limit it to stan account, friends and members of her team like Nicki’s done.
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