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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Well Mollie, Nadine, Nathan cant contradict that
  2. I'm still mad we never got Mollie King's album. It would've flopped on its arse but I bet it had some great bops.
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  3. Some of you assumed Mollie King being a Britney stan meant she had any solo album potential
  4. Mollie’s first single was actually good and then she released whatever that second turd was.
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  5. RJF


    Mollie King is without talent.
  6. Hair Down getting purged from streaming services is genuinely iconic to be fair
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  7. Wait did it really? I kept an arm's length (both arms, actually) from that whole debacle but oh my god
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  8. Brian Higgins feigned Alzheimer’s and dipped
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  9. I would normally not want to go so off topic in a thread but in this one I don't care. As someone who knows nothing about The Saturdays or Mollie King, I just need to say I love Hair Down and never knew people didn't! I never knew it was relevant enough for people to have opinions on it either, I just randomly came across it when it came out and loved it. It's stupid as hell in the most fun way!!
  10. And yet her first solo offering was a masterpiece compared to whatever this is.
  11. Why? What happened?
  12. Hair Down only existing as a Vimeo now... a bitsy iconic
  13. Mollie King blackmailing an Island Records executive into giving her a solo deal, getting a few internet gays hyped, delivering a royalty free H&M song, flopping, releasing critically panned circus music, wiping it from the internet, & then giving up in favor of a Radio 1 gig was more legendary than anything Jesy will attempt.
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  14. I was wrong and I love it.
  15. She will propoably spend another 2 weeks inside top 20, the she will rise thanks to Graham Norton performance and this will be the end.

    Creating history. The one and only - UK Baddie.
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  16. She only got a second single out because she agreed to appear on Strictly fjdjd

    Ah that was history!
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  17. I'll never forget Hair Down coming out the week I moved to university and a blackout drunk 17 year old me playing it to a room of bemused hippies and frat boys.
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  18. I'm catching up with the thread and... I made this.
    Sorry if someone else already did it dd
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  19. Ha! Perfect. We love complementary gifs.
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  20. It’s looking very bad for her right now.
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