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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Na na na na na na na na na - Hair Down is iconic. It’s oblivion from streaming services is nothing short of amazing
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  2. That article was spot on though. The baby vocals and slurring/poor intonation being dialled up to 11 makes the song unlistenable.
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  3. The Hair Down saga is so iconic and so important.
  4. Now, Mollie King may not be ruling the pop world and probably isn’t the best of vocalists, but unlike Jesy, she’s actually a nice person and has a consistent gig working for one of UK’s biggest radio stations.

    Jesy has… a staged ‘friendship’ with Nicki Minaj.
  5. I’ve felt conflicted about Jesy since the promo for her solo career started. She blames others for crucifying her because of the way she looks (mind you, much of her complaints are valid), and yet, when she’s finally freed from her so called shackles, the first thing she did is to be a really unappealing version of the person that her trolls criticised her for failing to be? I can’t articulate it, but the whole thing just feels wrong. And that’s even before we think about the other more important stuff. I had wanted her to do well, but now, the kindest thing I can say about her is that she lacks reflexivity. Ugh.
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  6. 2014

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    Half expecting Jesy to pull out of Graham Norton (unless it’s already been filmed) - a subpar performance would officially be the final nail in her “career.”
  7. Would be the smartest decision of this whole campaign to pull out! She’s created a lose-lose situation for herself, where it doesn’t matter, if she tones her whole aesthetic down or stays “true to herself”. Both will be used against her. Understandably and rightfully.
  8. I think she is a very capable radio broadcaster.
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  9. She's not even getting a one off play at the radio station where I work as a host (in Germany, it's a CHR comparable to Capital). Actually getting playlisted is out of question. Also has to do with the fact that our people in charge of playlisting saw some of the messiness.

    "Kiss My (Uh Oh)" and "Heartbreak Anthem" both got playlisted and did decently enough on the German airplay chart.
  10. What... is she even gonna talk about on Graham Norton? Without discussing either the mess of the past few weeks (because it's not usually that kind of show) or Little Mix, what does she actually have to discuss?
  11. She’ll probably just do the song at the end and have a quick interview rather than be part of the main segment of the show.
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  12. so I just checked and Hair Down is still available on Spotify here in Ireland and I am bopping, thanks for the reminder girlies
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  13. It will be the same old soundbites we've been hearing for months - how much happier she is now she's left the group and is free to be 'herself'. I imagine they'll concentrate mainly on the music as that's *slightly* less likely to veer into messy territory, so we'll probably hear some vague statements about how she's just having fun in the studio and isn't sure about an album yet etc.
  14. By his own admission Graham Norton isn't a confrontational interviewer. It just isn't that type of show.
  15. Still on Apple Music in Ireland too. Mollie serving the Irish with a noisy bop.
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  16. ADM


    Unsurprisingly, DM have that “Jesy finds sanctuary in the studio after a difficult week in blackfishing row” with Leigh-Anne in the sub-photo. It’s really giving poor white girl made feel bad by a former band mate and women of color during her big release week..
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  17. I ran to make sure I could still download my purchase from iTunes after reading it’s disappeared. A huge Florrie bop!
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  18. The font for 'Hair Down' being the same as the Jesy Nelson single logo...
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  19. Her and her team are dumb as fuck. This whole release has become a snake eating itself and they’re STILL playing the white victim card?! Saying how HARD it was for her when Leigh’s been on the receiving end of harassment and bullying while she laughed with Mrs. Petty?! And then name dropping Olivia Rodrigo AS IF Boyz by is anything on par with Drivers License (or anything from sour, for that matter). There are no redeeming factors here.

    Any good PR person would advise her to make a formal apology to Leigh Anne and the public for her actions and then lay low for a while, but it’s obvious she’s too dumb to realize that (and loves the publicity) and has people around her validating her blackfishing.

    Like others have said, I don’t see how she can come back from this. Her name is now forever associated with black fishing.
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  20. Not to give that person any visibility but apparently that clout chasing "influencer" is ranting about Leigh.

    Imagine getting worked up over something you created to get clout and now exposing your anti blackness and misogyny cause you're not getting the attention you were craving.

    And Jesy is running with this victimhood tour to deflect/excuse the blackfishing.
    I never imagined things to turn out this badly for a solo debut.
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