Jesy Nelson

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Well we have remember the music business is hard for all. That’s why it’s tricky making the decision to go solo. Even if you’ve been in a successful group.
My boyfriend and I were listening to the Salute album yesterday and we both got quite sad when Good Enough came on. It’s crazy how she messed up all the goodwill and support over the last few weeks/months. We’ve always liked her voice, watched her documentary and loved her personality. It’s almost like watching/listening to a different person.


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4-19 plummet in the mids. Ouch.
Yeah, it really turned around for her the next day on Spotify. I didn’t have a lot of faith in the general public to care about what was going on but I’m glad they did.

I'm still not convinced that they actually do. I hope that's played a part in it, but it's probably more to do with the song being...well, a bit crap.
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