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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. I'm still not convinced that they actually do. I hope that's played a part in it, but it's probably more to do with the song being...well, a bit crap.
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  2. Outside of the natural curiosity of a girl group member going solo, the public probably only checked it out because they saw the discourse around the single, plus it has Nicki. Basically Jesy wasn’t really the biggest draw here.
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  3. Some are people just following so that it looks good for them but others were probably genuinely bothered by what she’s doing or insulted by it.

    It’s also still available to purchase on US iTunes. I feel like it was left up because no one was here for it in the first place so why bother removing it.

    It truly is awful.
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  4. It just means the song’s a dud, since I doubt the public have to consciously stop themselves from playing it on repeat so as to not support her.
  5. Because they also released she unfollowed them when she decided to only follow Nicki and Diddy?
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  6. Oh yeah. That’s a good reason. Although she did it in a way that it was not really directed at anyone individually. Including Little Mix! But still that’s a good reason. It puts me off when I see a big IG account only following 1 person or 2. Rightly or wrongly I assume arrogance and pretentiousness for that person. Sometimes that’s enough for me not to follow them. Hey, I can be petty.
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  7. I expected a drop in the mids but not down to #19! Yikes. With the rate its bombing on Spotify (#45) it'll be very interesting to see where it lands on Friday.

    She was out last night in London and still looks extremely dark.. she really doesn't give a fuck. The Graham Norton performance will be the final nail in the coffin unless she severely alters her costume.
  8. Pop Justice.
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  9. It gets more tragic with every passing minute, and she only has herself to blame.
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  10. I've had Work stuck in my head since you posted this dd. Who volunteered to host The Saturdays rate again?

  11. What we're not going to do is slander Puss Down, an example of how to get everything right when going solo!
  12. I think of Mollie's malfunctioning robot moaning & the backing track kicking in 2 seconds after at least 50 times a day. It's been too long since we've had a terminally inept girl group who somehow delivers bops upon bops.
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  13. Never forget Mollie King getting flewed out to South Africa for the Hair Down video only to shoot everything in a studio ddd.
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  14. She’s at 19 in the midweeks… and Kiss My (Uh Oh) is at 18. Genuine lol.
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  15. I love my ‘temps until we find someone to fill the position permanently’ of pop!
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  16. As already put it Iggy got put through the ringer for less. Since we're at a point where we are not gonna take this blackfishing shit anymore and then these interviews trying to paint a victim narrative it's biting her in the ass hard.

    I was on her side until all of this foolishness, I really don't wish her harm and hope her mental health doesn't spiral over this but I need her to see the error of her ways and how she threw her so called sisters under the bus.

    And I'd be totally fine with a version of Woman Like Me without Nicki on it, She doesn't deserve any further coins.
  17. Yes. It wouldn’t have been a bad idea to have had an iTunes campaign for the Women Like Me ft Ms Banks version last week.
    That wld have been a fan base clap back to Mrs Petty /Minaj
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  18. No Nicki. Jade’s outro. This is *chef kiss*.
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  19. Couldn't help myself and saw these recent 'hot takes' on the video, I-

    Sherry Howard
    9 minutes ago
    Us and stream guys don't let haters win enough of this sympathy, culture jesy is doing her id she wants to tan she isnt the first paying homage to Diddy isn't blacklisting just leave her alone if you don't like her music listen to Leigh Anne or whatever but stop piling on this woman for bs especially if you out her not holding Cardi to the same standard or kylie jenner

    1 hour ago
    Yaayyy brown queen

    1 hour ago
    I can't ignore the fact that the boy in 1:37 actually mentioned Little Mix like wtf

  20. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    This is like cheering for apple slices for turning brown when they're left out too long.

    At least that happens naturally.
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