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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Same. I really don't think she has anyone to blame but herself. Imagine living through the events of 2020 alone, being in a band with a Black woman, watching Leigh-Anne's documentary (assuming she did!) and deciding to go ahead with this aesthetic. Horrid.

    I unfollowed Jesy on Instagram ages ago after getting tired of the constant selfies and while I wish her no harm, I really think she needs to reflect on some of the recent criticism and take action, rather than dismiss it as 'bullying' which is what she seems to be doing at the moment.
  2. Top 50 on pop radio in the US. I swear if they make this a bit despite paying Little Mix to dust for a decade…
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  3. Now Jesy has been expelled from the school of British Pop can Rita Ora come back into the class now?
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  4. At this point I really wonder if they will bother with Graham and a performance or if the record company will pull the plug.
  5. I imagine it won't be that easy/simple for the label to do, if contracts have been signed etc.
  6. Ouch that’s a drop! we know Polydor like to drop acts fast if their first song doesn’t perform. Either she will be dropped or they may rush out a second single.
  7. ADM


    I hope Raye says something about exes at her show in like 3 weeks (in Dublin, fingers crossed, shows aren’t back till this Friday all going well) cus I’m gonna shout ‘Polydor’ if she does.
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  8. Even with radio payola this will have to drastically improve in sales and streams to even chart on the Hot 100 in the US.
  9. No.
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  10. Normani managed it.
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  11. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Nah. She blackfished herself by trying to be a third-rate 2012 Rihanna.
  12. No thanks!
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  13. Down to #19 already? Now that truly is popjustice, it probably won’t even be in the top 30 in its second week at this rate!
  14. ouch, Little Mixes legacy tarnished for a underperforming solo single that isn’t even good.
  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The delusion. The group already carried on without Jesy and has had some their best consecutive success without her. Nothing that Jesy will do solo can "tarnish" their legacy.

    Guess we should remember the Spice Girls by how poorly many of their solo endeavors were! You have a very uncomfortable history of commentary on this forum when it comes to female artists, specifically those that were ever once part of a girl group.
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  16. Yeah, I'd hardly say Little Mix's legacy is tarnished when this year they've arguably given us their most solid material ever whilst Jezy gave us...that.
  17. OK...

    Comments like this is why I don't even post on this forum nearly as much anymore.
  18. Honestly, the cultural impact of Boyz will be limited exclusively to us referencing the mess that is this thread in a couple of years time.

    No one else will remember the UK Baddie or her embarrassing solo career attempt.
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  19. Somebody's legacy is being tarnished via this whole ordeal but it ain't Little Mix's.
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  20. NPR tweeted it again, I'm screaming
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