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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. I knew it looked familiar, not a remake right down to the roof scenes.
  2. Didn’t she explicitly say her looking racially ambiguous “gets her places”? Yeah I think we’re good!
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  3. Yes, she did! (The conversation starts Around 25:21)
  4. I love how half of this topic is discussing other artists rather than Jesy and her Boyz.
  5. I feel like this was always a long shot anyway? She's coming out of a girl group whose last US hit of any description was five years ago, and is a UK act essentially trying to sell very Americanised music while bringing nothing of her own to the party. Traditionally, that doesn't scream "recipe for success".
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  6. Erm, they're right though?

    I mean, their output might not be tarnished, and their impact might not be tarnished. But they're a group that has been a beacon of friendship and female empowerment for the last ten years, so it doesn't exactly help their brand? No members falling out over a jacket, nobody climbing out of a toilet window to escape, no 'get well soon Geri's' - for a long time LM have been held up as an example of how girlband's should work, and from an industry perspective, so much of the goodwill they've worked hard to earn over the last ten years is built on that.

    Does it all reflect most badly on Jesy? Of course. But she was a vital member of this band for nine out of the ten years the band has been together, and so such a big, public fallout - regardless of who is at fault - might not tarnish their overall impact, but of course it tarnishes their messaging, and their 'M.O' that they've meticulously built over ten years. I'd hazard a guess that this is precisely why the band aren't engaging in the 'feud' and it's currently quite one sided - they realise that regardless of rights or wrongs, public fallouts don't help a brand that's been built largely on the notion of female friendship. Especially when you consider that the vast majority of public won't be picking up nuance on a forum, but getting this information from the sidebar of shame, or The Sun or Heat Magazine or whatever.
  8. Jesy’s behaviour is completely her own doing and doesn’t reflect at all on Little Mix everything they stood for as a group still applies.
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  9. Still not wrapping my head around how Jesy’s dumb ass antics somehow reflects badly on Little Mix as a group? I mean this is all on her and the “team” she has telling her to go right ahead and be a mess.
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  10. Because you're on an Internet forum and you've obviously taken the time and effort to follow what's happening, pick apart the nuance of what's gone down over the last week or so and made a judgement as to where blame lies.

    Do we, genuinely, think the vast majority of the GP have done the same? The majority of the public will have read about this feud in one of the tabloids - they won't be dissecting the nuance of black fishing or ethnic smudging - they'll simply be seeing ex-bandmates at loggerheads, or having a 'catfight' which has how much of this has been positioned in the media.

    I'm sure for most 'fans', it won't make the blindest bit of difference. But their legacy lives outside that - what do the general record buying public think?
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  11. I've said it in this thread before, but I can see this being a Mel B Hot era situation where it's less "being badly advised" and more "not listening to any advice".
  12. I doubt they care.
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  13. I personally don’t think it’ll have much impact in the long run on their legacy.

    Once the dust has settled and time has passed, Little Mix will be remembered for supplying us with bop after bop for 10 years solid.
    Nobody really remembers or cares about the Spice Girls or Girls Aloud for their feuds or fallouts but rather for their great musical output.
  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    This is so petty
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  15. I don’t think this so called “feud” has worked out in Jesy’s favor considering Little Mix and Leigh Anne have been coming off with the positives from the whole mess especially concerning the media coverage which is shocking considering how things have usually gone with this sort of thing. It’s not giving “this has ruined Little Mix and their legacy” at all dddd.
  16. It was never going to work out in her favour, her friends & team are either fake or stupid. It's heartbreaking to me that this had to come to Leigh-Anne being bullied online but I'm glad people have taken up for her.
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  17. Who honestly has the time to research this.
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  18. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Girl group stans.
  19. The public most likely didn’t even think they were friends to begin with.

    There’s a reason why “Wasabi” happened…
  20. Insugacells
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