Jesy Nelson

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I mean… the video that “BALEGDEH” is from in the first place was a particularly egregious example of that kind of nonsense (although there wasn’t even an interviewer in the room).

Making them each imitate random accents and having the others guess?

*Cardi B voice* WHAT WAS THE REASON?
Does anyone still believe the story Jesy’s been telling in interviews that the three other girls went to her mom’s house and decided it was best for her to leave the group? They probably kicked her out of the group nn
Officially debuts at #13 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart in the US. All that drama just to fail to even make a dent on the chart…

Let's take a look at Jesy's prize for sacrificing decade long friendships and aligning herself with an anti-vaxx pedophile enthusiast
Aside from Jesy, I just feel Nicki is the one who should really be coping the flack as much as Jesy. Nicki just comes across as a horrible and reactive person.
They said she’s in “white mode”. The internet y’all

Wow, not to focus on appearance as I know some will come at me etc, but her natural skin here looks gorgeous.

While she has been quite silly, I still wish her well and hope she has good and positive support around her. 4# is pretty good, and hope she picks future material and styles that are appropriate.
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