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Jesy Nelson (...)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. I reckon that must have been funnier in your head than reality.
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  2. How long until this thread gets moved to ‘Comeback Corner’ please? xoxo
  3. You have to have done something to make a comeback.

    Potential next big things could be more of a fit.
  4. But there’s no potential.
  5. Hmm... She did release something, it didn’t do so great, and technically she is a seasoned artist at this point even if it was as part of L*ttle M*x.
  6. Is she going to get a second single? Nicki doesn’t come cheap so this needed to be a hiT.
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  7. Waiting for something like this to be on the end of her Solo Career section of Wikipedia:

    Screenshot_20211020-004050_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Then for the next section to say she's joined the Loose Women panel.

    In all seriousness though I don't see her getting a second single, unless she funds the promotion herself. I'd love to know how much the record label spent on Boyz.
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  8. I think she'll get a 2nd single out. I just think it will be a significantly smaller budget affair and it won't happen until after January when the dust has settled a little on Boyz and she slightly rebrands.

    However, since her and her teams attitude seems to have been to double down and all press is good press, I could be totally wrong and she'll release a single in 3 weeks that samples Hot In Herre.
  9. I am! gettin' so hot! I'm gonna sweat my tan off!
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  10. I actually hate her delivery of the verses on Boyz, it sounds like someone is parodying Jesy.
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  11. She'll definitely get a second single, it charted at #4 and as much as I hate to admit it the second week drop isn't as bad as some people are making out, it's pretty much a standard second week drop for Little Mix.
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  12. Like it or not, one week at #4 still makes it a top 5 hit, it's no different to pop acts with a loyal fanbase back in the days scoring a top 10 single that dropped off the top 40 by the next week. It still looks good enough on press releases and not exactly a commercially unsalvageable situation for her & the label.
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  13. Or as NPR would say, Camila Cabello.
  14. There should be one of those Twitter accounts that just tweets the NPR story once a day.
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  15. whew
  16. Xtina at Etta James funeral <3
  17. A second single is almost guaranteed. Anything after that is less so, though. The fact that she said there’s no album planned makes me think Polydor might not want much to do with her for too long.
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  18. RMK


    Polydor is probably doing the basic go-around today, which is seeing if there's enough traction to shell out for an album, rather than a short form project. Even Olivia Rodrigo said 'SOUR' was slated as an EP before the virality.

  19. I know who else got a second single...
  20. I'm guessing a ballad with a black and white sepia tone video, a chart placement of #18 in the UK only (at best), and the label jumping ship.
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