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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. These are frankly disgusting.
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  2. The Little Mix WhatsApp chat seeing the stills from the Boyz video
  3. Jade's face on the DNA cover...

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  4. I’m not here for the pile-on criticising her for her looks, attitude and voice while in the group, and trying to airbrush and revise her contributions.

    It’s the opposite of helpful when it comes to the message about blackfishing getting through, enables her to more legitimately play the ‘haters gonna hate’ card, and drowns out black voices.
  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I can’t imagine any of this ( notwithstanding) ever getting beyond fan art, but… live your Photoshop fantasy, I guess?
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  6. The dogpile on her looks and voice is uncalled for, but let’s not act like we haven’t been calling for revised versions of the hits without Jesy ddd. Those Last FM covers really aren’t that big of a deal, especially considering how much fan art has made it onto there.
  7. We have not.
  8. Did I miss the comments that were "dogpiling" on her looks or?? Did they get deleted? I'm so confused. Not some people having stronger reactions to her getting photoshopped out of fan art than her actual blackfishing.
  9. I think everyone had strong opinions on her blackfishing. This thread got messy. *insert lazy Jesy rhyme*
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  10. Did I miss the messiness cause all I see is someone posting fan art of her photoshopped out as a joke and people saying it's disgusting dd? I don't get it?
  11. People equaling a twink editing their lastfm cover photos to deleting her legacy in Little Mix. Some of you should chill. It's really not that serious.
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  12. Fans making ~OT3~ fan art is beyond parody and the pinnacle of sad-but-harmless standom behavior, but what I really wanna know is how off the rails the Lesy shippers currently are. Have the fics been rewritten? Has the AO3 tag been wiped?

    I bet those AU all girl school 40-chapter fics look awkward now!!

    I've seen the darkest corners of boy/group twitter and I will not let y'all live! At least, to their credit, Little Mix doesn't have fans who think one of the girls' babies is fake and that they're still in a secret same sex relationship with another band member, past or present.
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  14. Mainly on Twitter.
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  15. There’s been a lot of it on Twitter.

    I’m not sure anyone here is having a stronger reaction to photoshopped fanart than the blackfishing though. Where are you getting that from?
  16. Minimising the discussion to ‘twink editing’ but exaggerating the reaction to ‘deleting her legacy’ isn’t exactly a fair representation.

    Jesy’s done something unacceptable, and has rightly been called out for it. Her single has bombed and that’s a pop justice.

    BUT there has been tonnes and tonnes of additional, toxic backlash about her looks more generally, about how things ‘weren’t right all along’, speculation about rifts with the others, calls for them to re-record everything without her, editing her out of cover art for albums she contributed to, criticism of the way she (a successful recording artist) sings…

    All of which dilutes the fact that her blackfishing is the problem. It’s not going to cut through to her, and it’s not going to cut through to everyone who thinks we should ‘leave her alone’ because ‘she’s being bullied’.
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  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Also, by the way, stop using abbreviations or your posts will be deleted. Thanks
  18. Rob


    I love Cheryl and Kimberley!
  19. Is she actually planning to perform this soon?
    Graham Norton right?
    Any thing else planned?
  20. Apparently she’s booked for the EMAs as well.
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