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Jesy Nelson (...)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Yes, let’s hope she releases a great next single so everyone can forget all the toxic shit she’s said and done.

    Can we lock this thread already?
  2. I still want Mollie's album to leak. I would gladly take it over whatever this is.
  3. Why lock it when people want to discuss her, as well as a place for some of her fans. You can always ignore the thread you know? Easy!
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  4. From the shit I’ve seen she doesn’t have that many!
  5. I’m pretty sure everything that needs to be said about her already has been said. People don’t want to discuss Jesy, we’re actively having to discuss her problematic attitudes which are more than prevalent in society, because some of us are actually affected by these issues.

    It may be easy for people unaffected by racism directly to just choose to ignore something, but many don’t have that privilege. We can ignore the music (like the UK public itself has done) but we can’t ignore the actual trauma, embarrassment and manipulation surrounding the situation.
  6. I feel like we should focus on some real talent
  7. YOU, Jesy Nelson, JESY NELSON came 4th on the singles charts I could not beLIEVE it.
  8. I know that's right!

  9. I sensed Natalia Kills stanning and came as fast as I could.
  11. RMK


    Natalia will have more monthly listeners than Jesy by next year, calling it now.

    Which is always a reliable 500-600K despite no new releases since 2013. Icon.
  12. ‘Problem’ being a big enough smash to be in a medley in Pitch Perfect 2? International impact!

  13. This is everything Bad Boyz wishes it was.
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  14. Sorry, were we talking about someone else?
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  15. Talent!

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  16. Natalia's ability to turn any thread into the Natalia Kills Appreciation Thread is legendary.
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  17. I hope there isn’t a long gap until the next single.
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  18. I forgot about this song. Definitely her best, along with Boys Don't Cry + Marlboro Lights.
  19. In need of a laugh?
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