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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. It's so weird that I'm recoiling so much now, at just how affected every single part of her is, when a lot of it was there all along. The vocal "stylings" and the choices she's making are fucking awful. I don't even know what kind of voice she's going for. And going by that Capital performance, we don't need any live vocals from her. She sounded shit.

    The signs were always there but as others have said, being in the group disguised her limitations but also her piss poor taste level to a certain degree. I always found her extremely dynamic in group performances.

    It's crazy how quickly she's singlehandedly torpedoing her career though. It's really incredible how utterly unpleasant everything about her is.
  2. something about butter on your sweater
  3. That performance is giving me "I need to write a 10000 word essay and I've only done 8000 so I need to pad it out".
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  4. Also it’s like the singing with the girls, how a couple of them have improved so much vocally over the years. Jesy was the one with a dance background where as the others didn’t but they have worked hard to be in my opinion better than her, in a group setting they all look fab but solo it’s easier to pick things apart and I can’t imagine we’d ever see have this with Leigh, Jade or Perrie
  5. She's getting dragged up and down Tik Tok for both the red carpet look and the performance, whew. The Boyz "campaign" did irreversible damage to her brand, I don't see her recovering from this.
  6. The performance is like an SNL parody of a pop star sketch. She needs to pack it up and go home.
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  7. Twitter is ripping her to shreds and it's delicious.
  8. RMK


    The song is just not worth all that. Part of me thought I didn't know what she's saying because I only watched the video once two months ago, but there is literally no diction either.
  9. It currently says Holly Jervis and Ghislaine Maxwell are some of the songwriters for Boyz on the Wikipedia article. The list of people who wrote it continues to grow!

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  10. It's like Jesy looked at Camila's career trajectory and said "Ooh let me give that without any hits."
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  11. Island

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    Ffff I know exactly which twitter account is doing this.
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  12. I can’t edit this post but I went to look at the Twitter drag Sandy his fan portrait took me out. Also the amount of white gays defending her is disgusting. One literally tweeting how he hopes “this blackfishing” doesn’t end her career cause she’s so talented and another calling out the LGBTQ community for bullying her. In 2022, we’re not just going after blatant racist dog shits like Jesy, we’re going for their enablers too
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  13. "Olly Murs and his gunshot tweet"
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  14. I don’t think I’ve ever detested a ‘pop star’ as much as her. She is truly abhorrent - to the point where just seeing her face makes me angry. I hope her career implodes and she fizzles out into irrelevance where she belongs.
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  15. Help me BREATHE

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  16. Someone copy and paste the Colonoscopy nickname list from the CBB thread please!
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