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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. I expect it will be a very long time before Jesy and the girls ever address each other in public again.
  2. If they'd been breaking up then I think it would have been nice. But considering it's just a hiatus and they're hopefully going to reform (without her nn) later down the line, plus the very public bad blood between them, it would have felt unnecessary and disingenuous.
  3. Faking it is one of the few things she does successfully these days.
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  4. Do you not think that there could be a chance of them reforming with Jesy in the future? It is not something I would want but there have been group members that have left groups with bad blood and ppl been sure the rift could never be healed enough for that member to ever rejoin the group, only for that to happen in the end. I’m thinking Take That with Robbie. All Saints also split with bad blood etc……
  5. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Did any fans of those groups turn on the members leaving though?
    Cause time might change things (and this thread might not reflect the entire fanbase) but I could see people being less than excited over her return.
    Also with her returning it only being a matter of time before things would turn sour again
  6. There are times that people leave groups with bad blood that does eventually get healed - Geri, Robbie, H&Claire etc - but I don't believe their bad blood was on the same level as this and that the bridges weren't burnt, just a little scorched. Jesy set alight to that bridge with both the band and the fans and has continued to double down on that behaviour. I can see the girls reforming as a trio and catapulting to even higher success but I don't think Jesy will be part of that.
  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It would also require Jesy to acknowledge/decide that everything bad in her life wasn't solely because of being in a girlgroup. Put slightly less harshly: I'm not sure I could see her wanting to go back to that place, justified or not.
  8. Jesy chose blackfishing and bullying someone who considered her a sister over admitting her mistakes and learning from them. The other members, 2 of whom are women of colour and the other raising a black/mixed race son, have every reason not to acknowledge her
  9. Jesy doesn’t deserve to be part of Little Mix and I hope that when they do reunite, the girls make no attempt to include her or acknowledge her.

    The disrespect that she has shown her former colleagues and supposed friends, the fans, and the work that gave her the platform that she feels so entitled to, is genuinely unforgivable.

    Coupled with her continued problematic behaviour - all just leaves an individual who doesn’t come across all that nice?
  10. Unfortunately, I wholeheartedly agree.
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  11. I wouldn't rule it out completely but personally I don't see it happening if/when they next become active as a band. Assuming everything goes to plan and they reform within the next 5 or so years, I don't think that's enough time for that level of healing to take place. In 10 years' time, maybe, but as others have said it would take a lot of growth and repentance on Jesy's part.
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  12. I prefer them as three. Jesy has shown her true colours (under fake tan).
  13. I genuinely don't think Jesy is capable of regret at this point in her life, so I'm not sure I'd see her even wanting to be part of any Little Mix reunion. She is averse to thinking she's done anything wrong, so in her eyes she would see reuniting as admitting she made a wrong move by leaving.
  14. On the Take That point, it's worth remembering that Robbie spoke in support of Gary when he was dropped from his solo deal in 2000, even though the two were not on speaking terms at the time.

    Also, part of the reason their reunion with Robbie worked so well was that the timing and the dynamic were right. The group's reunion without him had yielded far greater success than anyone could reasonably have expected, while he remained a hugely popular artist even if his commercial heyday was well behind him by then. In short, neither party needed the other; they did it purely because they wanted to. There are far too many unknowns right now to get a read on whether we could ever see Little Mix and Jesy reach a similar point, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  15. ADM


    The way it ended with Little Mix and Jesy was really like nothing we've seen before (more so after how it ended). Girls Aloud ended up split down the middle(-ish) because of friendships. This came down to the colour of women skin (or more to the point, not the colour), that tied with another members struggles with the same issue, just brings it to a whole other level. I don't think anyone is holding their breath for a reunion of the four, and after the last 18 months of Little Mix, most are breathing pretty easy.
  16. Unless there's a lot of growing on Jesy's part, I can't see them reforming again as a four piece for a long time and I don't think a lot of fans would want them to get back together after the way Jesy acted toward the other girls, especially Leigh Anne.
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  17. I'm not interested in Jesy being part of any future Little Mix projects.

    If anything, the new material we got with Between Us was a huge indication that they are really strong as a trio. I'm sad that we didn't get a full studio album from them as a three before the hiatus.

    But it's so obvious that all three of them are close and I'm really confident they will come back sooner rather than later. They have a really strong bond - something that Jesy doesn't have with any of them.
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  18. Jesy caused problems for years so now that the girls know they can do it without her they won't destroy a good recipe (the 3 of them) when they reunite. Of course if a promoter in the future offers them, say, a million each for a three member tour and twice that for all four, they could bite.
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  19. Why split the profit of a reunion 4 ways when it can be split 3!
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  20. RMK


    Jesy let a member of her former group get insulted on instagram live and awkwardly laughed along. The curtain also fell, and we know she rudely ghosted them all.

    It's bizarre for any fan of Little Mix to welcome her back.
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