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Jesy Nelson (...)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

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    This thread still going strong, unlike her… opportunities
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  2. A flawfree album.
  3. A purchase of Jesy's physical CD single and the use of a gif from heterosexual nonsense The Notebook. Straight to jail!!
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  4. Straight to jail, really?

    I haven’t seen that movie, I promise! I used the gif cuz of Ryan.
  5. Which ex-girl band member will she team up with to become Girlzlife.
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  6. Little Harmony.
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  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I just pictured Lil' Harmony and don't wish that on anyone.
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  8. Geri.
  9. The fact that this thread's lasted longer than her career.

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  10. Looking forward to Laura Snapes her review, if she ever puts out something again.
  11. Comeback corner territory?
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  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    We'll have to see if she pivots to a full-time "influencer" or announces a newly-signed deal.

    If she doesn't make active work toward being a popstar, she's going straight to the bin.
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  13. She removed all posts from her instagram.
    I should have saved legendary Coachella video.

  14. She really thinks she's Beyoncé doesn't she.
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  15. Jessyoncé the era is coming…
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  16. Not @jesynelson_stan
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  17. It blows my mind that she has 9 million followers.
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  18. Bit like watching a disaster in slow motion. You can't take your eyes off it. It's like morbid curiosity.

    Wouldn't be me though.
  19. pdf


    I've been offline for a week. Do we like Jesy again?
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