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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

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  2. It was interesting a while back when someone pointed out how her posts had attracted such low “likes” considering the amount of followers she has. It was quite low and had obviously dropped off significantly since the whole Boyz drama.
  3. ADM


    I seen this comment on (no hate!) Daily Mail the other day and had to go back and find it. The delusion.

    "She's so real not a puppet like the other Little Mix women whom have no individuality or artistic merit. Jesy is an artist who will do things on her own terms and Polydor wasn't interested that they just want meaningless pop dirge go churn out. Jesys magnum opus will be released on a label with substance. However long it takes Jesys masterpiece is coming and I'm sure platinum sales and Grammys will be in her future. Go Jesy you are the Queen of Truth."
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  4. That's obviously sarcasm, right? RIGHT?!

    One of my best friends from my undergraduate days was a militant Jesy stan and would flip out at the mention of her black fishing antics. Truly worms for brains. Thankful that we fell out (over something entirely unrelated) and haven't spoken in three years. Last I heard she was still a stan so ew.
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  7. We the people rest our case your honour

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  8. So Jesy is trolling the Daily Mail comments now that she has more free time on her hands.
  9. No, someone really went to the Daily Mail website twice.
  10. I think that was I. I'm no social media expert, but when she's got 9 million followers and barely scraping 50k likes on photos, it just doesn't add up. To put it into perspective, Jade has a similar amount of followers and always gets 200-400k likes on posts.
  11. They're probably bought.
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  12. Her RENAISSANCE incoming.

    I jest.
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    Girl I said no hate! lol!
  14. Before she deleted her pics, she posted a carousel of her sitting on a couch texting wearing a gallons worth of spray tan, a wig, with over drawn lips. Rightfully, she's being dragged to filth on Twitter.
  15. To be fair, before she started blackfishing to the extreme and released Boyz, she was averaging half a million likes every post, sometimes over a million.

    It goes to show how BADLY she tarnished her career in such a short space of time.
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  16. Comeback Corner when?
  17. Leave her in the X Factor subforum.
  18. I mean, she already looks like a dollar-store version of her mama.
  19. And then delete that subforum (why do we even HAVE that subforum?)

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  20. Imagine she just starts reposting everything she posted in the run up to Boyz. As if the last year never happened.

    You never know what a baddie like Jesy has up her sleeve...
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