Jesy Nelson

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Realistically, I don't see her committing to a pristine main pop girl creative direction, but I'm sure we could get some real musical gems from her if she lets her creative juices flowing and works with the right people who will help her voice shine.

Ideally, I'd love her to explore a neo-soul direction with a dash of funk. I feel like that would suit her well.
I don't know that I would say this has been SPECIFICALLY articulated after a VT in Week 4 of X-Factor. I think you can read between the lines and interpret her leaving statement in this way, but I would say most statements on the matter, and even the dialogue in the documentary focused more on the general price of fame for any woman specifically rather than the comparison with bandmates. Either way, she doesn't really owe us an explanation, so good for her and good for the fans - more music for everyone is always a win in my book.
She's said it verbatim several times, including in the Odd One Out documentary and following press.

Even when interviewers said something along the lines of 'do you think it would have happened regardless' she said she still felt the comparison made it so much worse and she is obviously the best at understanding her own trauma.
I have a feeling her solo music will be incredible. I feel like she’s going to make really soothing bops.

Descriptions like ‘too soon’ ‘weird’ or whatever label you want to slap over it do not apply here, and should not apply to a grown woman making her own career moves. Good for her.
It's such a short snippet so it could just be a similar melody but it sounds like a Bad Boy For Life sample in the background.
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