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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. I thought at the time she might pull a ballad out of the bag, but I don’t necessarily think this would a) be her thing and b) be a “hit” in the current TikTok climate.
  2. She missed her white pits! (Seriously though, I cringe every time I see people reposting her pictures on Twitter; her whole image is so icky.)
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  3. I’ve only become aware of her because of the whole blackfishing thing but there’s something really weird about the way she presents herself, she comes across as profoundly unsure of herself and not really well, and it’s so obvious that you wonder how she manages to continue.
  4. Ignorance.
  5. She basically took all that goodwill she had from people after her documentary and shat it back into everyone's faces.
  6. I didn’t realize how quiet the crowd was till I saw this today.

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  7. Fucking hell. The memes about the types of products she'll sell just make themselves at this point.
  8. A profound silence entered the forum.
  9. If the TOWIE lot can get products in Poundland, I'm sure Jesy can too.
  10. The sad thing is.. if she saw this, she’s probably that deluded that it’s real footage.
  11. A song of hers leaked called La La, where she uses a higher register in the chorus and seems to be doing her best white girl trap. It's exactly as awful as you might think.
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  12. W2K


  13. OMG this is even worse than Boyz. It’s how I’d imagine an SNL parody of Jesy to sound like (if she were relevant enough for that).

  14. Well. That is certainly a choice
  15. I bursted out laughing when I got to the chorus
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  16. Mvnl

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  17. Can we put it in a Trash Corner?
  18. Jesus my ears actually hurt after listening to that. A squeaky, try-hard mess.

    It really is no surprise that her label dropped her if this and Boyz was the quality of her material.
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