Jesy Nelson (...)

She just doesn't scream solo star. I mean, when Geri left Spice Girls, she wasn't the most talented singer or performer but she exuded star quality and what she lacked in vocal talent she made up for with personality, songwriting abilities etc. The same could also be said for Robbie Williams. Then you have people like Brian McFadden who attempted the same thing but didn't have that huge success because... well, he was just a bit boring and didn't really bring anything to the table.

People like Jesy and Liam Payne who just lack... all of the above. Not the most talented and also not the most likeable and lacking any real star quality. The idea that they can just go off and be worldwide successful solo singers just because they were once part of a big pop group is very misjudged.

Someone like Jesy, possibly needs to shift her focus into TV work or doing something behind the scenes. I do not see her as ever being a successful solo singer. All these attempts to be something she's not is becoming quite laughable.

Perhaps Jesy will get a few more singles, maybe even an album will eventually get released/leaked but is there a longevity to her music career? Absolutely not.
Jesy definitely gives me "Maria Willson/Sarah Whatmore/Rosie Ribbons shelved album after two singles" vibes, just without the curiosity of hearing the unleaked album because we all know it's already a lost cause.
I mean the artists you listed at least had a decent pop single and follow up. Boyz isn't even worth a listen!

Oh absolutely, I stan most of the '02/'03 pop girls who had the misfortune of their deals going tits up. I searched high and low online for their shelved albums until I found them, I couldn't give two hoots about Jesy's dd.
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Imagine going to job interview and having to explain you worked for Jesy Nelson... kii
HR reading the CV