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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. I'm not sure closing one of the most active and amusing threads in the forum just because the artist doesn't "deserve" to have one is really the way to go. The people who have a kii here would be the ones losing in this situation, not Jesy. It's not like an almost entirely negative thread on, a place that hasn't even been open to new registrations since 2019, is doing much in the way of promoting her career.
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  2. I’ve said it before but begging to close a thread of an unpopular artist is defeating the whole point of a forum. Other threads have gotten that treatment because people couldn’t behave in them. No one here is stanning Jesy and some interesting conversation has happened because of her antics. The 50 gays that read this forum aren’t going to impact her (alleged) career in any meaningful way nn.
  3. Move it to comeback corner and let us still have our fun x
  4. There’s no way she’ll rejoin Little Mix after the way she acted and treated them all. You just know Jade reads this forum and is taking notes on how no one wants her back in the group for the reunion.
  5. It's ridicules to close a thread because certain people can't stop themselves from going in to a thread of an artist they don't like. Simple solution is don't go or post in a thread if you don't like it. I do agree however it is time for it to go in 'Comeback' as there are no plans.
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  6. Watch him pop in and follow this ask, instead of say, opening registrations....
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  7. Why do we always have to go back to the conversation of her rejoining the girls and why is it always the same person making the same post about it?
  8. Can't have a comeback if your career never even happened.
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  9. I vote we move her to the X Factor thread just to get the views up!
  10. They’re obviously still a fan who wants to try and find ways to talk about Jesy without being negative. Yuck.
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  11. It gives them a break from posting about Heidi in the Sugababes thread.
  12. Isn't right for Pop & Justice, isn't right for the Comeback Corner, and definitely isn't right for Potential Next Big Things. Is there a Flopstar Corner we can put the thread into?
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  13. I think the thread should stay put. What's happened to Jesy's career is the very definition of a PopJustice.
  14. PopFlops would be a great sub-forum.
  15. Jesy, Jessie and Jess found quaking that they finally have a suitable home in this forum.
  16. Is she deleted her Inztagram account?
  17. I need you to know that this has given me nightmares I'm not sure I'll ever recover from. Truly dark-sided.
  18. She has more self-awareness than Jesy ever will though:
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  19. Siobhan was 17 when she walked out of the Sugababes. Jesy's 31. Siobhan and her bandmates had some learning and growing up to do that should, in this case, theoretically already be done. That's kind of the problem here.
  20. This is the girl that didn't realise hair grew out your head
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