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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. 311 pages for an artist who has one song, no record label, and hasn't been active in a full year is wild when you think about it. It goes to show just how bad her public image is.
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  2. Which means it's one year since this genuinely iconic moment where her team thought it'd be a good idea to parade her through an empty Leicester Square at 8am in the drizzle to launch the single like a popstar stunt from 1997. Never forget!

  3. The confused restaurant workers in the background coupled with the lone photographer just kill me. Quite literally a car crash.
  4. This was honestly iconic. A day to remember in pop culture.
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  5. It's her face in that picture. Is it a pose? Is it a freezing my tits off look? Is it a "what was I thinking?".
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  6. Nn I think she's trying to give "cool girl" energy, but failing dramatically.
  7. She’s being a baddie
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  8. FFFF wait how did I miss this

    The fact that she probably spent hours in hair and makeup only to be on display for the Costa employees and a few people grabbing their morning coffee

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  9. The fact we have to discuss Gaga in comeback corner but this thread is on the homepage tonight.
  10. He’d had enough.

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  11. She really is the Valerie Cherish of Pop.

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  12. I just noticed she deleted her Instagram. She really said bye gworls and poofed like Houdini, huh. It's ovah!
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  13. Exactly. This is different from Siobhan, Robbie, and Geri.

    She could have easily left or finished the era on good terms and maintained positive relations with the group while having a solo career and leaving the door open for her to return anytime ala Cheryl/Girls Aloud.

    She chose a different direction, destroying any goodwill she had with fans, her label & management and of course her bandmates for a Nicki feature that went nowhere & a flop solo career that is over. Nicki moved on, the girls moved on, and the fans moved on. It's at the stage now where she's being phased out of their history and fans are even forgetting she was ever there. That says it all, really.

    I can't blame her bandmates if they never wanted to reunite with her again. Unless she takes complete accountability and shows genuine growth and change & stops being a victim 24/7, I doubt they'd ever be interested and quite honestly, after enjoying the last year of the trio, they're more than fine without her.
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  14. Fjdjd this was so utterly wild. Leicester Square is horrific at the best of times… let alone at the crack of dawn when there’s only commuters around
  15. Remember when someone here came for me for calling the area dumb.
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  16. What we won’t do is compare Valerie to Jezy.
  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The way Mixers are highly talented at essentially removing her from past footage and it looks professionally done... I'm gagged.
  18. Not the TGI Friday's and their bottomless mozzarella sticks behind her!
  19. I don't know who picked up the tab but someone lost a lot of money with this "era".
  20. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it reported Jesy herself paid for a big part of it?
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