Jesy Nelson

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Which means it's one year since this genuinely iconic moment where her team thought it'd be a good idea to parade her through an empty Leicester Square at 8am in the drizzle to launch the single like a popstar stunt from 1997. Never forget!

Her entire fanbase.

Sometimes I feel this thread drags her too harshly, but then every time the thread pops up, I eagerly click into it because I know she's going to get dragged. I'm a man of multitudes and contradictions.

This is me. She was always a good performer in Little Mix and I was rooting for her before she released Boyz, but since then it's been a car crash.

I wonder how she feels about the decision she made and where she's going to go next. Dancing On Ice?
I get the impression she doesn't feel she made any wrong choices. I get the feeling she thinks it was the audience who is wrong.

But a reality show is definitely in her future. Her music career as a soloist seems to be done.

Yeah there's definite victim mentality here. Understandable to an extent after what she's been through but you'd think her family and (any genuine) friends would step in. Saying that, the Little Mix girls clearly tried and failed.

If I was a betting woman I'd put money on her doing Strictly or the jungle this time next year.
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