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Jesy Nelson (...)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. I love this thread!! it is the most entertaining to be honest!

  2. Marvel whomst? Dreamworks whenmst?
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  3. WB need to hire this person to remove Ezra Miller from The Flash.
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  4. The Capture <3
  5. Her entire fanbase.

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  6. Thats generous to suggest she’s got 2 fans.
  7. Rob


    The way this could be real.
  8. She seriously needs a reality series ala Totally Scott-Lee.
  9. That video is stunning! I can't even begin guessing where Jesy was in the videos.
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  10. SCREAMING that the (bitchy) first lady of Brazil was called the Brazilian Jesy Nelson when she appeared blackfishing as brown in political propaganda in one of the brazilian states with the largest black population.
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  11. So in some way she set a trend huh? A style. A phenomenon.
  12. Well, she also likes bad boys, etc...
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  13. Why is this thread still on the main forum?

    She got no new music, she is not active.

    Put her in Comeback (ddd) corner.
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  14. With all due respect, she is actively awful.
  15. We need a "Never Happened" corner, she can sit alongside Floppie.
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  16. This is my favourite thread I love a mess
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  17. Sometimes I feel this thread drags her too harshly, but then every time the thread pops up, I eagerly click into it because I know she's going to get dragged. I'm a man of multitudes and contradictions.
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  18. Damn! same...
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  19. Ditto. It's so annoying as at one point (heck, only 2 years ago) she was SO liked on this forum! Such a shame how she ruined it all.
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