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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. This is me. She was always a good performer in Little Mix and I was rooting for her before she released Boyz, but since then it's been a car crash.

    I wonder how she feels about the decision she made and where she's going to go next. Dancing On Ice?
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  2. She was legit my favourite member of one of my favourite girl groups ever.

    I just don’t know how she managed it…
  3. I get the impression she doesn't feel she made any wrong choices. I get the feeling she thinks it was the audience who is wrong.

    But a reality show is definitely in her future. Her music career as a soloist seems to be done.
  4. Yeah there's definite victim mentality here. Understandable to an extent after what she's been through but you'd think her family and (any genuine) friends would step in. Saying that, the Little Mix girls clearly tried and failed.

    If I was a betting woman I'd put money on her doing Strictly or the jungle this time next year.
  5. She is too into her own victimhood. Sad, but no amount of “you’re being an asshole” sit downs from loved ones is gonna help her. Especially since she clearly feels amazing with the dark tan and urban style.

    Also, am I misremembering or did she feel bullied by the constant “bahlegda” memes as well?
  6. From what I’ve heard from people who know people who used to be close to her, she can’t be told and that’s why they’re a used to be…
  7. SBK



    It's not uncommon for ex pop band members to be like this post break-up... we're probably 3/4 years off her realisation.
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  8. In more charitable moments I wonder if, because she got so much shit in the beginning, she's ended up in a headspace where any kind of criticism, however slight or kindly put, just reads to her as bullying and trolling and she can't make the distinction. Even when it's for a legitimate reason like blackfishing.

    In uncharitable moments I...don't.
  9. It seems whoever leaves Polydor always uses the term 'soon' when it comes to new music. The curse is real...
  10. I was kinda hoping Little Mix would all go solo like the Spice Girls did and 1D. But it seems like solo mix era isn't happening? Hopefully it will a little later. Boyz cannot be the only solo mix song.
  11. Jade, Leigh and Perrie are all actively recording music for their solo careers though.

    Leigh has signed with Warner and Jade with RCA. We don’t know Perrie’s label yet but she’s been very open about her recording process so far.
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  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    For artists without a larger audience/legacy attraction, they stay here. She's not big enough to have separate new single + general discussion threads, and she likely won't be in the future. So...this is fine.

    Y'all have to really get over this whole placement hangup. It doesn't matter where a thread is if you still notice a thread, read every latest post, and then say something within it. I promise you that Popjustice thread placements have absolutely nothing to do with streaming, chart numbers, or sales. You'll be OK.
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  13. You posting this in different threads every two days:

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  14. Not her Halloween costume being the palest she’s looked in years.
  15. Surely you have to go somewhere before you can comeback?
  16. She makes Kerry Katona look like Mother Theresa.

    ...which is a talent!
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  17. Megan Fox and MGK did the costume better. It’s a sad state of affairs when they’re outdoing you, eh!
  18. I loathe her but I love this thread.
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  19. Not her first post after social media blackout is a Halloween post. Girlie's perception of popularity is no different than a z-lister at this point. Poor the Jesynators (!) thinking she was coming back with something music-related.
  20. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Wasn't this her last post before it all went south? Maybe she just really likes halloween
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